Meghan Markle ‘had an agenda to get out’ of the Royal Family

Meghan and Harry: Exit was a 'significant event' says expert

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Meghan Markle officially joined the Royal Family in May 2018, before stepping down as a senior royal, along with Prince Harry, in 2020. According to Mr Low, who penned the royal book Courtiers, royal staff felt “they were played”, with many speculating that Meghan had plans to leave The Firm before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their departure in January 2020.

Speaking to host Jo Elvin, Mr Low said: “[Royal staff] would say we were played.

Upon being asked “how so?” by Ms Elvin, he added: “They felt that [Meghan] always had an agenda to get out.

“Even before [their announcement].”

He added: “They had been devoted, they had really tried hard to make it work.

“But they had a rough time, they felt treated badly.”

Meghan and Harry met in 2016, through mutual friends, and got engaged just over a year later.

Their wedding, which was watched by millions worldwide, took place on May 19, 2018. One year later, Meghan and Harry welcomed their son, Archie.

The couple, along with their son Archie, moved to Canada before settling in California, following their departure in 2020.

Royal expert Tina Brown has previously suggested that Meghan and Harry actually hinted at their “Megxit” the previous year.

Harry and Meghan: Terms of UK exit were 'harsh' says expert

The Royal Report hosts Jack Royston and Kristen Meinzer previously discussed Tina Brown’s book, The Palace Papers on a past podcast episode.

Mr Royston said: “One line [in Tina’s book] that really stood out to me, Kristen, is that she says the royals knew Harry was going to leave.”

Speaking in the episode, he added that Ms Brown stated that the family possibly knew “as early as summer 2019”.

Mr Royston added that, in an interview, Ms Brown “gave the impression that they might have seen this coming possibly even years, much further ago than that”.


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Meghan and Harry now reside in the US and since welcomed a second child, a daughter named Lilibet, in June 2021.

During the first few days of September, the couple arrived in the UK, without their two children, for a working trip to attend a few events for charities “close to their hearts”.

However, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, their trip was extended.

The couple were in attendance at the late monarch’s state funeral on September 19.


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