Meghan Markle hits out at claim she ‘feels excluded’ from Coronation

Harry and Meghan ‘definitely invited to coronation’ says expert

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Meghan Markle is not feeling excluded from King Charles’s Coronation, it has been claimed. A source dismissed this allegation as “ridiculous” and also rejected a number of claims about the Duchess of Sussex’s feelings over the reaction to Prince Harry’s book.

The source, described as close to Meghan, told the Mirror these allegations are “nothing but lies”.

This comes after sources also described as close to the Duchess claimed to the Spectator that, while she and Harry are considering whether they will attend the Coronation or not, she “feels excluded” from it.

The publication also reported Meghan is said to be “embarrassed by” the negative reactions that stemmed after the publication of Harry’s bestselling memoir Spare and is “seeking support from mentors”.

Harry’s intimate memoir was a publishing success, selling 3.2 million copies worldwide during the first week of its release.

In his book, the Duke recalled episodes from his life, sharing details previously unknown to the public.

Among them, he spoke about his two tours of duty in Afghanistan, his relationship with drugs and his first dates with Meghan.

Details of how he lost his virginity and the frostbite he suffered on his penis after taking part in a charity North Pole march caught the attention of both the media and the public.

Harry’s extensive description in the book of his frostbitten nether region in particular was ridiculed in the US.

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon created for his show a spoof book titled the Prince and the Penis, while comedian Trevor joked about the royal during the Grammy Awards, as he was introducing James Corden.

Meghan and Harry’s attendance at the Coronation is still surrounded by uncertainty.

The Duke and Duchess will be invited to the historic event, as previously revealed by

If they do accept, they are unlikely to play any role but that of spectators during the Coronation.

However, the Duke of Sussex is said to be in a “predicament” over whether to travel back to the UK for the event.

A source noted to the Telegraph the pair risk being criticised whichever choice they make, as they could be accused of “snubbing” the family if they remain in California but they may also be called hypocrites by some if they sit among their relatives at the event after criticising them and the Firm in recent weeks.

The source said: “It’s complicated. There are a million different variables. Anybody could understand the predicament.”

The Duke and Duchess will need to take a decision within weeks, as officials are expecting to know who will be at the painstakingly-planned event by the beginning of April.

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