Meghan Markle overshadowing Princess Eugenie debunked as Duchess ‘had no excuse’

Beatrice and Eugenie's reputations discussed by Nicholl

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The accusation has come to the surface again after Princess Beatrice announced her pregnancy on Prince Harry and Meghan’s three year wedding anniversary this week. The timing raised many eyebrows, with some suggesting Beatrice may be getting her own back on Meghan for stealing her sister’s limelight on her big day. Reports from the time claimed Meghan told family members that she was expecting at Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank.

Royal authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand said the decision “did not go down particularly well with Eugenie”.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s daughter was said to “disappear” at her own wedding after Meghan and Harry’s news “put her nose out of joint”.

Both she and her mother Sarah ‒ affectionately known as Fergie ‒ were said to be “furious”.

Royal authors Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett claimed Harry was “embarrassed” by the social gaffe.

However, a royal expert has come to Meghan’s rescue this week to point out that she may have had no choice but to spill the beans.

Pod Save the Queen is hosted by Ann Gripper and features Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers.

Ms Gripper argued that Meghan would have to have abstained from drinking at an event where the wine would have been flowing.

This would have raised suspicions because, as a Duchess, she can’t use the excuse of being the designated driver.

Ms Gripper said: “if you’re turning up at a family party ‒ I mean I can’t imagine that Mehgan is a big one for getting on the sauce anyway, she probably just tears it up on the dance floor whenever she likes…

“But if you’re going to a family party and you’re not drinking, I’m not sure it cuts it as the Duchess of Sussex to say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m not having a drink today, I’m driving’

Mr Myers replied: “Very true. They wouldn’t even have to drive, they only live down the road.”

Ms Gripper continued: “Well exactly! So that excuse is gone. So what are you left with? ‘I’m on antibiotics?’”

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Nevertheless, it was certainly noticed by royal fans and Meghan was accused again of overshadowing Eugenie again earlier this year.

The Princess gave birth to her first child, a boy named August, in February and just days later Meghan announced she was pregnant with her second child.

One wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to them but a little odd that, again, the Sussexes’ baby news overshadows Princess Eugenie ‒ first her wedding, now her first baby.”

Another said: “As if it wasn’t enough to announce the pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding reception.”

Meghan Markle 'has got everything she wanted' says expert

A third simply declared: “Of course. Just after Eugenie’s news.”

Mr Myers noted that Twitter was “alight with conspiracy theories” about the timing of Beatrice’s announcement, but said he personally felt it was “a bit of a stretch”.

Not everyone agreed with him, however.

Royal author Duncan Larcombe explained that a great deal of thought is put into such announcements and pointed out that Buckingham Palace would have been well aware of the significance of the date when they decided to put it out then.

He told The Sun: “A great deal of care is taken of the timings of major announcements such as royal pregnancies and it is extremely unlikely diary staff were unaware of the significant day for Meghan and Harry.

“You have a relatively large window of opportunity to announce a pregnancy, an anniversary date is set in stone.”

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