Meghan Markle puts ‘authenticity’ in jeopardy with ‘calculated’ PR stunt

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Meghan Markle could have her “authenticity” questioned after she turned to a “tried-and-true” PR strategy for her very first speech at this year’s Invictus Games in Germany.

The Duchess of Sussex joined Prince Harry four days into the game, apologizing for the delay citing her desire to spend more time with their children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

In the speech, Meghan described her need to drop Archie off at school and offered a glimpse into their daily life saying she treated both the kids to milkshakes to sweeten their separation.

PR expert Renae Smith told Daily Express US that sharing personal family anecdotes is an established strategy public figures regularly use to create a rapport with the public.

But Smith noted speaking of the children could be perceived as a “calculated move” that could ultimately leave the Duchess facing questions about her “authenticity.”

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The Atticism PR founder said: “Sharing personal anecdotes about family life is a tried-and-true method to humanize oneself and foster a sense of relatability with the audience.

“It allows the public to connect with public figures on a more personal level, as they can identify with the joys and challenges of parenthood.

“However, it’s important to tread carefully when interpreting such statements. Meghan’s assertion of being a committed mother, particularly in the context of her busy schedule (and the presence of a nanny), raises questions about the authenticity of her claim.

“While she may genuinely prioritise her children, there is a risk of this assertion coming across as a calculated move to shape her public image.”

Meghan and Harry have both reiterated over the years they are very committed to their children, even citing their desire to guarantee them a more shielded childhood as one of the leading reasons for stepping down from royal duties in 2020.

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But Smith warned that “overemphasis” on her role as mother could backfire on Meghan and leave members of the public doubting she is a “relatable” public figure.

She added: “The delicate balance between being genuine and asserting one’s dedication is indeed a challenge for public figures.

“Overemphasis on certain aspects of their lives, such as motherhood or ‘relatability’ in Meghan’s case, can potentially undermine the perceived authenticity of their statements.

“The public is often astute in discerning whether an assertion is heartfelt or part of a strategic narrative.”

Meghan and Harry are due to remain in Germany until the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games on Saturday.

Their stay in Dusseldorf is the longest they have been away from Archie and Lilibet since the death of the late Queen last year.

The pair had been in Europe to attend a series of private events, including the launch of the countdown to the 2023 Games, when their return to Montecito was delayed because of Elizabeth II’s passing.

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