Meghan Markle shock: How Sussex brand has become even more valuable despite royal ban

Meghan and Harry’s controversial brand has become “more powerful” since the pair stepped back as senior royal in January, PR experts have claimed. The Queen banned the pair from using the Sussex Royals name on Wednesday. However, the pair may continue to use the word “Sussex” in their new brand.

Following a number of complex talks, the Queen and senior officials of the Royal Family agreed it is no longer tenable for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to keep the word “royal” in their branding.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had planned to use the Sussex Royal brand for commercial gain but the move has now been blocked by the Queen.

The Sussexes will officially leave the Royal Family on March 31.

From then on they will drop their HRH titles, will no longer receive public funding for work they do and won’t carry out duties on behalf of the Queen.

However, according to PR expert Piers Bracher, a deputy managing director at Four Communications, using “Sussex” alone could even increase the value of the brand.

This is despite the fact they will no longer officially be senior members of the Royal family.

Piers told The Times: “They don’t need to use it.

“They are very well known and liked in the United States. If I were them then the sensible thing to do would be to take off that word voluntarily.

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“The spotlight is even further on them. Rather weirdly they’ve increased their brand value because of it.”

The pair have already been mixing with their fair share of famous faces, appearing at the ‘Alternative Investment Summit’ hosted by banking giant JPMorgan in Miami earlier on this month.

With the couple already predicted to partake in a number of lucrative brand deals and with their list of celebrity contacts, it’s believed the controversial branding would bring them further success.

Mr Bracher added: “By creating the Marmite brand they’ve made something more powerful, which will irritate a lot of other people, including his brother.”

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Details of the couple’s Megxit agreement emerged yesterday as the pair prepare to step down from royal duties at the end of next month.

Harry and Meghan are reported to have spent tens of thousands on a new Sussex Royal website to complement their Instagram feed which has gained the following of over 11 million.

They have already tried to trademark Sussex Royal, which they want to use to flog countless trinkets from bandanas to notebooks.

It is also likely to mean re-branding their charitable organisation called Sussex Royal, The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Meanwhile, TalkRADIO host Mike Graham has been discussing the Queen’s ban on the royal title.

The host stated that Meghan Markle will be “raging” at the Queen’s decision.

However, Dr Whitlock disagreed with the talkRADIO host and defended the Duchess of Sussex.

Mr Graham said: “One of the things I think we have learned about Meghan Markle is she doesn’t like being told what to do.

“One of the reasons we are told that she left the Royal Family is because she wasn’t that comfortable about not being the top dog and not being able to pull everybody’s strings and get what she wanted.

“She is going to be really raging about this.”

Dr Whitlock replied: “Well perhaps that is a little unfair.”

Mr Graham asked: “Well let me put it this way if Harry hadn’t managed to marry Meghan Markle I don’t think he would be disappearing off to Canada and having a sort of general break with his family, do you?”

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