Meghan Markle takes crown from Queen in new research – but Kate triumphs on Instagram data

Meghan Markle's royal dressmaker discusses dress in 2018

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Meghan, 40, emerged as the winner in an analysis of global Google searches, media mentions and Instagram hashtags in 2021 for 29 of the most popular royals in the world. The Duchess of Sussex alone pulled in a total of 7.4 million Google searches a month. 

Across 2021, her name was featured in well over one million Instagram hashtags.

Moreover, some 11,200 articles were written about Meghan across the world during the past year.

This means, Meghan was mentioned and searched for online more than eight million times, according to the research searched by creative resource Design Bundles.

This number is twice as big as the results obtained for Queen Elizabeth II by researchers – 4,345,240. 

Similarly to Meghan, the sovereign can boast more than one million Instagram hashtags, 3.3 million Google searches and 2,200 media mentions, according to the research.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and future Princess of Wales, came in third, fetching some 4.2 million online mentions across 2021.

While she was third in the overall chart, Kate triumphed when only the numbers of Instagram hashtags mentioning her were analysed, as she gathered an impressive 1.3 million during 2021.

As Prince Harry came in fourth in the chart, with a total of 3.8 million searches and online mentions, he and Meghan can be considered the most influential royal couple when it comes to these data. 

Rather impressively, the research demonstrated Princess Diana still exercises fascination and interest around the world, as she came in fifth with a total of 2.8 million online mentions and Google searches.

The late Princess of Wales received more online attention last year than her ex-husband Prince Charles, who came sixth.

Diana’s firstborn Prince William came eighth after late Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister.

A spokesperson for Design Bundles commented on the findings, saying: “Meghan Markle has an extraordinary influence around the world, ever since she and Prince Harry’s relationship took the world by storm in 2017.” 

Referring to claims made by the Duchess during the Sussexes’ groundbreaking interview with Oprah Winfrey as well as the charity work and campaigning she has done over the past years, they added: “Meghan’s bravery and boldness in speaking up about issues such as racism, parental leave and empowering women are unlike any other royal, and her voice is a powerful and enduring one.

“The Duchess of Sussex is deeply committed to alleviating world issues through her charity work, and despite no longer being a working royal, proves that her influence is positive and unchanging.”

Meghan and Prince Harry officially stepped down as senior royals at the end of March 2020.

They now live in California, from which they launched in late 2020 their organisation Archewell, comprising two production companies and a non-profit foundation. 

Speaking about the data gathered on Her Majesty, the spokesperson added: “Queen Elizabeth is the second most influential royal on the list, and her commitment to duty and unwavering stability make her an incredibly popular figure across the world.

“With the second-highest number of Google searches, hashtags, and media mentions, it’s clear that Her Majesty the Queen reigns in many people’s hearts as one of the most influential and well-loved public figures in history.”

The Queen is preparing for another historic milestone next month, when she will become the first-ever British sovereign spend 70 years on the throne.

Her Platinum Jubilee will officially begin on the anniversary of her father’s death, February 6. 

Royals are expected to take part in engagements and visits across the country and the Commonwealth throughout 2022.

However, Jubilee celebrations will peak during a bank holiday weekend in June, lasting from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5.

Among the events taking place during the long weekend, there will be the traditional Trooping the Colour parade and a concert at Buckingham Palace.      

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