Meghan Markle tell-all book ‘sparks fears of new low’ for royal relations

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Meghan and Harry left the Royal Family on March 31 this year, and have since moved to Los Angeles. A new biography of the couple, written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, is believed by royal insiders to be used to “settle scores” with the Royal Family. Titled ‘Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family’, the first extracts from the book will become available this weekend.

The authors have claimed that the biography was written with “the participation of those closest to the couple”.

The Daily Mail said that sources close to the couple claim the book will expose the “pressure cooker” of resentment Harry and Meghan felt as royals.

The book is said to contain claims they were “spectacularly unsupported” by the “institution of the monarchy”.

Senior royal staff are expected to be heavily criticised throughout the book.


One royal source told the Daily Mail that the book will make the former Sussex royals more famous, despite accuracy.

They said: “Regardless of the truth, it will make headlines worldwide and give a fulsome airing to the Sussexes’ long list of grievances, yet again.”

Another Palace insider told the Mail that the book will be a “revisionist” account of the events leading to the couple’s departure, adding that the book will be “the gospel according to Meghan and Harry.”

They added: “Everything that has happened in terms of Megxit will be seen through the prism of their take on events.

“What it’s unlikely to reveal, however, is how it subsequently emerged that Harry and Meghan had been quietly plotting their ‘exit’ from the Royal Family for at least nine months before they finally announced their decision to quit in January this year.

“That hurt a lot of people who had bent over backwards to protect them.”

Another royal insider also told the Daily Mail that Meghan and Harry were initially very worried about the biography, and ordered their staff to discover what it would say.

Meetings with the authors were said to have followed, and a royal insider told the publication that “when they realised that it was likely to be quite the hagiography anyway, it seems the Sussexes decided to kill it with kindness”.

Sources close to the couple told the Daily Mail that Harry was torn over the biography, despite wanting to remain loyal to Meghan.

But they added: “Meghan was extremely vocal about how unhappy she was and Harry, who had always hated the media and the so-called ‘men in grey suits’, eventually saw this as a way out too.”


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The Mail claims that Buckingham Palace fears that the new tell-all will destroy any hope of repaired relations between the Royal Family and Meghan and Harry.

Despite the departure, other Royal sources told the Mail that Meghan and Harry are still a little bit “shell-shocked” by how their exit from the family has gone.

One source added: “Truthfully, they didn’t think things would end up the way they did.

“But they are stubborn and have firmly convinced themselves that they have done the right thing, regardless of the consequences.”

A royal expert also claimed to the Mail that the former royals are not looking for a “totally private life”, and left the Royal Family to have more control over their lives.

Royal author Victoria Murphy told Town and Country that the couple wanted greater control over how they spent their time.

She added that they specifically want “more control over who gets access to them and what they spend their time on”.

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