Meghan Markle to return to her old LA haunts – including exclusive members’ club

After an eventful couple of years being part of the British monarchy, the Daily Mail has reported that Meghan could now have her sights now set on ascending the throne of Hollywood. As she is likely to rediscover key LA hotspots after the lockdown is lifted in the US,  where she will now take the centre court with Tinsletown’s A list.

Meghan will now be in good company as she is back with her mother Doria Ragland, as well as her A list friends and Hollywood management team.

Doria lives not far from her daughter in South LA, in a bungalow which she inherited from her father.

The actress is very close to her mother, and undoubtedly will be visiting her often after lockdown measures no longer apply.

The area where Doria lives is called Windsor Hills but is far removed from the glamour of Windsor Castle that the pair are used to.

Even after her transition into the royal family, Meghan maintained her close team of agents and managers.

Now she is back in LA and looking to earn “independent” money, it is likely that Meghan will visit her Beverly Hills-based team.

She has already voiced over an Elephant documentary that appeared on Disney + last week.

Meghan’s golden trio includes her agent, business agent and lawyer who work out of offices on Wilshire Blvd.

Nick Collins of the Gersh Agency, who has represented celebrities including Tobey Maguire and Jamie Foxx, is in charge of taking care of film, TV or charity offers.

Andrew Meyer, who runs Freemark Financial, is the mastermind behind Meghan’s business plans.

Then there’s lawyer Rick Genow, a Harvard graduate considered one of the top attorneys in Hollywood, who will handle Meghan’s legal affairs.

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After the pandemic has gone, Meghan may be seen having regular meetings with them to discuss work offers.

Not only could she be brunching with her work colleagues, but Meghan might be spotted out dining with her celebrity friends.

At their wedding in May 2018, the former Sussex couple hosted stars including George and Amal, Elton Johns and Oprah Winfrey.

Now that the pair is on American soil, it is predicted they will reconnect with their influential pals.

Elton has always been one of the couples greatest supporters, loaning them his private jet and French mansion in the past.

The pop superstar said of the couple stepping back: “I back them 1000 per cent.”

Meghan, who previously labelled herself a “foodie” on her now-deleted lifestyle blog The Tig, will be looking forward to enjoying a meal out after restaurants reopen.

A place that is reported to quickly be frequented by Meghan and Harry is Soho House’s Little Beach Club which is by membership invitation only.

Soho House is where Meghan often hang out before meeting Prince Harry, as she has been spotted at both the LA and Canada outposts of the high-end chain.

It is rumoured that Meghan and Harry shared their first date at one of the club’s London spots.

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