Meghan Markle uses statement to break from ‘royal protocol’ – fans defend Diana comparison

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Meghan took part in the virtual Girl Up summit yesterday, delivering a poignant and powerful speech in which she urged girls to become the leaders of tomorrow’s generations. After she delivered her speech from the LA mansion she is currently living in, many social media users took to Twitter to comment on the Duchess of Sussex’s words and presence. 

And one Twitter user sparked a lively discussion when he compared Meghan’s post-royal life with Princess Diana’s months after her divorce from Prince Charles.

Julius Lumsden wrote: “I must say out from Royal Protocol #MeghanMarkle comes into her own power!

“#PrincessDiana also began to shine on her own terms.

“I think Harry wants to finish his mother’s work, Meghan is another royal rebel, like his mom.” 

The answers to this tweet showed a split in the opinions regarding similarities between Meghan and Diana’s paths after leaving the Royal Family as full-time working royals.

A Twitter user with the nickname A&E TODAY disagreed with this statement, arguing Diana remained to work in the UK or took on causes directly linked to her country rather than trying to have a more global reach.

They said: “Except Diana was there to deliver her speeches and lived her words.

“She went to dangerous places and used her royal connection to further the work on behalf of the Monarchy. 

“Markle diminished her voice by diminishing the importance of being there to work directly with those in Great Britain.”

Paul simply said: “She is no Princess Diana.”

Similarly, Tine_DF added: “Not exactly a Diana.” 

Sal said she can see Meghan’s “power” now but is concerned about the split with the Royal Family.

They said: “Yes she’s in her power but what did she do to get there?

“Quite a lot of drama & I don’t agree with her that you have to make those with ‘power’ uncomfortable in order to ‘find yourself’ we all need to grow, public drama & struggle not always part of that.”

Others Twitter users found the comparison more fitting, with Steve Brant saying: “Brilliant observation!   

“Yes… here’s finishing what #PrincessDiana began!

“God bless #HarryAndMeghan for partnering to break the Royal

conventions and help heal the world in their own ways!”

And Patty added the late Princess of Wales would have loved his daughter-in-law.  

She said: “Princess Diana would have loved her.

“I’m sure she is so proud of them! Glad Meghan Markle is speaking out we need more positive words!”

Meghan and Harry officially stepped down as senior royals in March, three months after they announced their intention to step back as full-time working royals and carve out a new progressive role within the family.

Princess Diana lost her HRH style in 1996 following her divorce with Prince Charles.

The freedom acquired by Diana and how she used it to do good has been recently highlighted by royal commentator Victoria Murphy.

She wrote in Australian publication Honey Nine: “Since marrying into the Royal Family, Diana had injected a much-needed dose of sparkle into what was becoming a rather stale and stuffy institution, but almost 12 months on from her divorce her sparkle had intensified dramatically.

“Free from the cloud of sadness that had dominated the preceding years, she exuded a newfound sense of confidence and according to friends she was excited and hopeful for the future.”   

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