Meghan Markle’s friend praised Duchess for ‘helping with son’s complicated diagnosis’

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The Duchess and Prince Harry are “hoping to discuss” with the Queen plans for their daughter’s, Lilibet Diana’s, christening, according to reports. Their youngest child has yet to visit the UK and meet her royal relatives, having been born in California in June. Archie, the couple’s first, was born in Britain and christened at Windsor Castle before they left for the US to pursue private lives.

Christina Garibaldi told the Royally Us podcast: “Something else that is interesting, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly want a sit down with the Queen and they’re hoping to discuss having Lilibet’s christening in London.

“This is a rumoured report, who knows if it’s exactly true, but it’s an offer that they want to make to the Queen. Who knows if she’ll accept?”

While they have received much criticism in recent months, many have come to the pair’s defence.

Silver Tree, a film producer who worked on ‘Suits’, the successful series that saw Meghan rise to stardom, previously tweeted a torrent of messages revealing the extent of the Duchess’ thoughtfulness.

Earlier this year, just days before Meghan and Harry’s interview with US talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Ms Tree told of how the Duchess had been at her side in the most trying of times.

She wrote: “When my son was going through a scary, complicated diagnosis, she is the friend who stopped everything and helped map out, step by step, how we would navigate things.

“She called all the people, all the places when I was too paralysed to form a plan.”

The stories did not stop there.

JUST INMeghan Markle and Prince Harry have ‘offer to make’ to Queen

Ms Tree also tweeted that Meghan was: “The friend who stocks her house full of all your very favourite things when you visit and pretends she already had them-just because she wants the moment to be about you not her.

“It’s always that way with her friends- us before her.”

She added: “When you move to a new city she creates a book of all the special things that city can give you- all the little secrets it offers over to you so you’ll feel less homesick.

“She leaves it on your doorstep so you have it when you wake up.”


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Ms Tree was invited to Meghan and Harry’s 2018 wedding.

She referred to this in a later tweet and recalled the big day: “She checks in on me in the morning.

“It’s her day, the world is standing by, it’s a lot-but she wants the day to be special for me.

“‘You’ve come such a long way’ she says ‘Are you jet-lagged?’ she says, ‘I made you a playlist to listen to while you get ready.'”

After explaining that Meghan was the “friend who shares all of her secrets with you,” she said: “This is Meg before she met H.

“This is Meg now. She’s always been this person.

“She’s not a headline.”

“She’s my friend. I love her.”

Meanwhile, it is unclear when or if Meghan and Harry will return to the UK to christen Lilibet.

They are both currently busy working on projects, including those as part of their Netflix and Spotify contracts.

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