Meghan Markle’s ‘political gesture’ analysed as Duchess’ ‘first lady’ mannerisms exposed

Meghan Markle looking for the next 'step up' says Anne Robinson

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This came after Meghan and Harry shared a kiss on stage at the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games. Body language expert Judi James compared Meghan Markle to a “First Lady”, saying that this is “exactly how the Obamas would have behaved”. She told “It wasn’t a regal performance but it was 100 percent an American political performance.

“That would be exactly how the Obamas would have behaved.

“It was so much like a First Lady or a future First Lady introducing her wonderful husband.

“Everything about the gush about him and the build-up and the kiss on stage and he makes the speech.

“I mean Melania even did that with Trump, although they probably didn’t kiss.

“But that sort of thing, the history of it, their body language would definitely be American political.”

Meghan introduced Prince Harry at the ceremony by saying she “could not love and respect him more”.

The couple shared a kiss as Meghan passed her husband the microphone.

Speaking about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s appearance at the Games, Ms James claimed that the couple seemed to be aware of the cameras on them.

She said: “We’re seeing in close up photographs like [Harry and Meghan] kissing on stage, there was a scene where Harry was hugging two small children, giving them a big pep talk about how he was going to save the world like a superhero.

“We have to remember that very close to them while they were doing that was a camera, not just cameras but the Netflix cameras.”

She added: “There is perhaps an awareness that that is going on at the same time.”

There has previously been speculation that Meghan Markle might consider running for US office.

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This came to a head after she wrote a letter to Congress in November 2021, lobbying them for paid parental leave.

Popular culture guru Nick Ede previously said that Meghan “could run for office one day”.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, he said: “I can see Meghan going into politics.

“She has a platform for positive change and it’s very exciting to see how she could run for office one day.

“Knowing her, she’ll get in!”

He added: “Plus their brand Archewell would become a huge machine managing everything from production, development and execution of their projects, too.”

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