Meghan Markle’s sister attacked over ‘uncomfortable’ new memoir – ‘doesn’t have the goods’

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Samantha Markle is releasing The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister Part 1 on Friday. Ahead of its release, she said the contents of the 330-page memoir will expose what happened “behind closed doors that the world didn’t know” in the Markle family. Meghan’s family have hit the headlines in recent years as they divulged private stories from the former actress’ life before she met Harry, with her father Thomas even being caught setting up a fake paparazzi shoot just days before her wedding.

But Omid Scobie, who co-wrote bestselling book Finding Freedom last year, said he does not think Meghan will be worried about the book.

He said: “Whatever Samantha is up to or whatever she is trying to do — it just wouldn’t penetrate their bubble.

“I find it quite hard to believe that Samantha will have anything interesting to say about her relationship with Meghan as there simply wasn’t one.

“What we have seen her do over the years is simply jump on to conversations to give her opinion, but she has never been able to give any insight into the duchess herself because she just didn’t know her beyond the time they spent together as children.

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“This book is something that Samantha has been threatening to release for three years.

“A publisher never [previously] bit because it seems to be that she didn’t have the goods to offer. It is a spiky title and nothing more.”

Samantha is the eldest daughter of father Thomas’s first marriage.

However, the 56-year-old has reportedly not seen Meghan since 2008 despite them sharing a father.

Bookseller Barnes & Noble said the books will reveal “hidden truths about her [Meghan’s] family.”

However, Mr Scobie added the book is unlikely to contain any revelations the public did not already know.

He told The Standard: “I think the couple at this stage really have nothing to worry about and nothing much to say or think about this.

“I think they are very focused on the present.

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“Samantha represents a period in the past, she has already attempted to cause trouble with the few stories that she has had to share, and I think this book will be nothing more than a rehash of those and it is just an attempt [by her] to be a part of the Sussex conversation again. Samantha, her story is old news and that is, I think, exactly how the couple will be feeling.”

Samantha said her book would contain many details on Meghan to make her “feel uncomfortable”.

She told The Sun: “I don’t know if she (Meghan) will be comfortable with it. Some things she will and some things she won’t.

“There is something in it for everyone. It has been an interesting journey.

“It deals with my life and my perspective on several issues in the road as they intersect with this royal event in history.

“There was an awful lot going on as this royal fairytale fell off the tea towels.

“How that affects us as people and how the world reacted and what it really meant to us as a family.

“There was a lot going on behind closed doors that the world didn’t know.”

Meghan confirmed last year that she had allowed an unnamed individual to speak about her life to Mr Scobie for Finding Freedom.

This was reportedly in order to “prevent any further misrepresentation” about her relationship with her father.

A representative of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex declined to comment.

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