Meghan opens up on ‘quirks’ she shares with ‘mommy’ Doria Ragland

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Meghan Markle has released the latest episode of her Spotify podcast, Archetypes, called “Good Wife/Bad Wife, Good Mom/Bad Mom” which includes a short clip of her talking to her own mother, Doria Ragland. During the podcast, released on Tuesday, November 1, she spoke to comedian Sam Jay, actress Pamela Adlon, and First Lady of Canada, Sophie Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s wife. Doria, 66, video-called Meghan while she was recording the podcast, leading to her quirky anecdotes on their relationship. 

Meghan told her listeners: “So, a few weeks ago while I was working on this very episode, my mom called. She actually FaceTimed.”

The Duchess, who has two children with her husband Prince Harry, included a clip where she exclaims “oh sugar” while explaining to her guest that her mother was Facetiming her before she answered and said: “Hey, mommy”. 

Her mother can then be heard saying, “Hey, how’s my girl?”. Meghan responded: “Hey, I’m okay, I’m hanging in there. It’s okay, I’m recording right now. Do you want to see?”

“We’re just doing some podcasting,” she said. “Can I call you back in a little bit?”

Meghan continued, telling her listeners that it was “just your run-of-the-mill mother-daughter conversation”. Doria then said she could see Meghan had a “smiley face” before they said that they loved each other and hung up the phone. 

A faint clicking sound could be heard, which Meghan explained was reference to an inside joke the pair have shared since she was a little girl. 

And so it reminded the former actress of the “quirks” she and her mother have had since she was small.

She continued: “My mom, she did this thing I do. You may have heard this clicking sound that she was doing.”

Laughing, she continued: “All right, gang, my mom literally just pulled out a reference of what I came up with as a cool handshake to do with her when I was about eight, which was snap scissors, cut chicken.

“I’m 41 years old. And she’s like, ‘okay’. It’s great. And it just put me right back into the past thinking about my childhood and our little quirks together.”

The interaction then led her to reflect on all the ways Doria has taken care of her over the years, “juggling so much” to support her.

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The former Suits actress continued: “With this episode on my brain, it got me thinking about all the ways my mom supported me, how she took care of me and the house and herself and how she just juggled so much. 

“The amount that women carry, that they navigate – it’s immense, and it’s often the most thankless unpaid labor there is. There’s no union, there’s no lunch break. There’s nothing like that. At home, women just work really, really hard. 

“A lot of that work is born out of necessity, but so much of it is also born out of expectations, the idea that we need to fit that exact cookie cutter shape the world wants to jam us into.” 

Reports suggest that Ms Ragland has a hands-on approach to caring for her two grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet, as she enrolled in grandparenting classes which cost $5,500 (£4,760), according to Hello! Magazine. 

All episodes of Meghan’s podcast, Archetypes, are available on Spotify. 

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