Meghan tipped to ‘release memoir of her own’ to salvage brand

Meghan Markle has ‘cancelled’ Princess fantasies says YouTuber

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has been tipped to share further insight into her and Prince Harry’s life with a new memoir.

The Duke of Sussex discussed his personal experience as a high-ranking member of the Royal Family in his autobiography, Spare.

Commentator Bronte Coy argued the Duchess may have to turn to pen her own accounts in a bid to stay relevant once the enthusiasm for the Coronation has passed.

Harry will be attending the ceremony at Westminster Abbey alongside other senior family members while Meghan remains in California with their children.

Coy asked: “They’ve absolutely been in the media and in the spotlight but after the Coronation, where does that go?

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“What’s next for them? I will say I’m hesitant to say they’ve surely fired all their shots at the royals because whenever I said that in the past they seemed to have more.

“But I do believe the memoir was Harry’s final shot, it seems. But then, of course, will Meghan be left with the only option to release a memoir of their own?”

Speaking to Sky News Australia, she added: “I don’t really know what comes next for them and it does seem like there’s not really a clear strategy in place. Nor has there been for some time.”

The Duke and Duchess’s PR strategy has indeed come under question over the impact repeated attacks against the Royal Family could have on public perception.

Reputation management expert Edward Coram James told that the couple’s lack of “humility” could affect them in the long-term.

The Go Up founder said: “In crisis comms, when someone comes to us and says, ‘I’m in a spot of bother, this has happened, this has happened, people on social media are saying really nasty things about me. Help.’

“One of the most basic tenets of reputation management is to show humility in the face of adversity – you show humility and you show introspection.”

He continued: “If, on the other hand, you take the approach of, ‘I’m not responsible for any of this, this is all one giant smear campaign against me, none of this is my fault, everyone else is lying, I’m completely innocent.

“It’s us two who are right and the score of other people who are totally wrong,’ you rarely build sympathy that way.

“And without sympathy, you don’t get an audience on board with your attempts at crisis management and it actually ends up making the other side much more believable than you.”

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Coram James added: “I would argue that their lack of introspection will come back to hurt them from a reputational point of view. From a PR point of view, that is so basic that the lack of it feels deliberate.”

Harry has however attempted to mend the bridge with the Royal Family, conducting “heart-to-heart” negotiations with the King before the Palace confirmed he would attend the Coronation.

Sources confirmed the pair had resumed communications and there is now a “willingness and wanting to mend” on both sides.

A Netflix source said: “Harry is going back for all the right reasons but there was a palpable sigh of relief among those of us involved in the business because Brand Sussex relies on Harry being seen with his family.

“At the end of the day, it is all about proximity to the King.”

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