Meghan ‘will never return to UK’ as Prince Harry’s family ‘a bombsite’

Prince Harry says he wouldn’t return to being a working royal

According to one commentator, Meghan Markle will “never” return to the UK as Prince Harry’s family is a “bombsite” following the breakdown of his relationship with the Royals.

Prince Harry is set to make a a quick stop in London for the WellChildAwards, before travelling to Dusseldorf for the start of the Invictus Games on September 9 – with Meghan set to join him two days in on September 11.

According to columnist Jan Moir, who wrote in column for the Daily Mail all about the couple’s next travel plans, Meghan “couldn’t be clearer”.

She added: “She is never going to set foot in the grey, cake-filled, miserable UK again if she can possibly help it”.

As for Harry’s family, Ms Moir added: “When it comes to relations between the Royal Family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we’re looking at a burnt-out bombsite where a family used to be.

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“Relations are at rock bottom, clemency is in the deep freeze. The outstretched hand has been withdrawn and the peace pipe has been doused with a thousand duchessy tears. It is over.”

Harry has previously made reference to Meghan, and his new family, in his speeches at the WellChild Awards in the past.

Seemingly sending a reminder to Harry, Ms Moir simply stated: “family is everything”.

Despite Meghan’s no-show in the UK, and her late arrival for the Invictus Games, the couple will both remain in Germany until the end of the Games on September 16.

Harry and Meghan’s departure date means the couple will be in Germany for the Duke of Sussex’s 39th birthday on September 15.

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