Meghan’s ‘celebrity lifestyle’ was jarring for Royal Family

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Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex’s conduct ahead of the birth of her son Prince Archie showed the clear dissonance between her lifestyle and royal life, commentators have claimed. The Duchess of Sussex celebrated the birth of her first child with a special baby shower in New York surrounded by her friends. But her decision raised eyebrows because of her decision to openly break with Royal Family traditions.

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Jaye Griffiths, the narrator of Channel 5 documentary Harry & Meghan: What Next? said: “Even before the birth, Meghan’s celebrity lifestyle seemed to jar with royal protocol.

“It was the first sign of a break with royal tradition. And there would be more to come.

“There were signs that a showdown with the Royal Family was now inevitable.”

Former royal press secretary Dickie Arbiter noted Meghan opted to fly to New York on a chartered jet instead of a commercial flight – a move that sparked disapproval towards her and Harry.

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Arbiter said: “Meghan flew to New York for a baby shower. Now, nothing wrong with a baby shower, that’s what Americans do.

“We don’t do it so often in the UK but they do in America, it’s a common practice.

“But she flew over with a private jet – what’s wrong with a commercial jet?”

Royal author Omid Scobie claimed in 2021 Meghan’s decision to attend the £500,000 ($621,906) baby shower had Palace aides rolling their eyes.

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Scobie, the author of the book Finding Freedom, claimed royal circles had been “horrified” as the celebration was perceived as being too below Windsor’s standards.

He claimed: “I remember speaking to a palace aide at the time who rolled their eyes, they were horrified that something so common was happening within the House of Windsor.

“We had never seen someone throw this very lavish affair to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby.”

Meghan and Harry sparked further criticism later on after they announced their son’s birth hours after the new mum and baby had already returned to their home in Windsor.

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They also took another break from tradition by refusing to pose for the photographers with their son, opting instead for a more private photo-op inside Windsor Castle.

Speculation about the couple’s relationship with the Royal Family emerged shortly after, with Meghan and Kate, the Princess of Wales being dogged by rumours of a break.

But sources later reported frostiness had developed instead between Harry and Prince William – with the Duke himself confirming he and his brother were “on different paths” in a bombshell interview with ITV during his tour to South Africa in 2019.

The couple agreed to a six-week break from duty shortly after their return, spending the period in Canada.

During their initial stay in North America, they announced their intention to step down from their working royal positions and set up a new home in the United States.

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