Meghan’s ‘outspoken feminism’ has not won over among women in US

Harry and Meghan should accept Clarkson’s apology says pundit

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Meghan Markle’s popularity among the American public is plummeting, new polling suggests. Meghan, despite her “outspoken feminism”, was more likely to be viewed negatively than positively by women, the Newsweek poll found. The striking survey of 2,000 eligible voters in the US also found the Duchess of Sussex to be less popular than Queen Consort Camilla.

The Duchess of Sussex had a net approval rating of -13 and Camilla is at -8.

The polling comes six days after the publication of Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir, Spare.

The findings about Camilla are particularly striking because Harry’s portrayal of his stepmother in the book is highly critical at points.

The Duke accuses her of leaking stories about him to fuel her public rehabilitation as she went from “the other woman” in Charles’ first marriage to his wife and the Queen Consort.

In response to the polling, royal commentator and biographer Angela Levin tweeted: “Despite the nasty things Harry said about Queen Camilla, Meghan Markle is now less popular than her in America and much lower in the UK.”

The royal commentator, who has over 100k followers on Twitter, did not find the polling surprising.

“Being disloyal to your family is disliked. People can see Camilla is genuine, loyal, caring and helps those with difficulties,” she wrote on Twitter.

Harry also did not fare much better than his wife in the polling.

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Harry and Meghan fared worse than King Charles III, Prince William and Kate Middleton too.

Not only have the couple’s ratings slumped in relation to Camilla’s, but their approval rating is at a new low among 18- to 24-year-olds.

This represents a particular blow for the Harry and Meghan brand because the couple have actively courted this demographic since stepping down from royal duties.

All told, forty-four percent of Americans said they felt Harry should not have revealed private family conversations in Spare, compared with 26 percent who backed the prince’s decision.

Overall, Harry was liked by 31 percent and disliked by 38 percent, while Meghan was liked by 26 percent and disliked by 39 percent.

Camilla was liked by 18 percent and disliked by 26 percent, while King Charles III was liked by 27 percent and disliked by 19 percent, giving him a net rating of +8 and making him more popular than all three.

Meanwhile, Prince William had a net approval of +21 while Kate’s was at +26, making her the most popular royal in our polling.

Washington-based foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner is also not surprised by the dismal ratings.

Prince Harry and Meghan are “alienating much of the British public, and a large section of the American public too”, he wrote on Twitter.

“Harry and Meghan are hugely unpopular figures in the UK, and increasingly so in the US too.”

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