Meghan’s political dreams may diminish Sussexes’ new life: ‘Won’t take Harry into account’

Meghan Markle and Harry: Experts discuss one year review

Meghan and Harry have left their lives as working senior royals behind and turned their focus to their new platform Archewell. With three branches — Archewell Audio, Archewell Productions and the Archewell Foundation  and lucrative deals with both Netflix and Spotify, the couple have found financial independence as well as a niche away from the Royal Family. Although the 12-month review for their royal exit, known as Megxit, is on the horizon, it’s thought that the couple will just want to alter minor details of their agreement with the Firm.

Royal commentator Rachel Bowie said: “There won’t be anything like them being told they need to come crawling back.”

However, there could be one major obstacle to their post-royal future — Meghan’s political ambitions.

The couple promised to continue to “uphold the values” of the Queen when they left, even though they no longer represent her.

After all, Harry is still sixth-in-line to the throne, while their son Archie is seventh-in-line — the couple have also held onto their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which were a wedding gift from the monarch.

Yet, one of the main features of the monarchy is its political neutrality.

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Meghan could be tempted to breach this, especially in light of the recent Capitol riot, according to royal commentator Howard Hodgson.

He told “It is quite impossible for a member of the Royal Family to comment on political matters either here or in another country.

“Therefore, if she does start a political career or even make political comments about [last week] or anything else, she will leave the Queen with no choice but to banish Harry and her from the family to an even greater extent than the Duke of Windsor was subjected to.

“If she really loved Harry in the same way that he apparently does her, then she should surely take this into account.

“However, I fear that she won’t.”

Meghan has been vocal about politics before and confessed as a child that she wanted to one day become the US President, according to biographers.

While she ended up going into acting her interest in politics has evidently not waned — in 2016, during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, she declared he was “misogynistic” and “divisive” in an interview.

She left the more outspoken comments behind when she joined the Royal Family, but since exiting the Firm she — and Harry — have been accused of crossing political boundaries.

Meghan spoke on several virtual platforms before the US Presidential election and encouraged the electorate to vote for “change”.

This was taken as a direct snub towards incumbent President Trump, who then said, “I’m not a fan of hers”, when publicly asked about her words.

Harry joined in with Meghan’s attempt to encourage the US to vote, but he is not yet an American citizen — unlike his wife — and is therefore unable to vote himself.

The Duchess of Sussex also shared platforms with former First Lady Michelle Obama and political activist Gloria Steinem, as well as cold-calling voters to encourage them to hit the ballot boxes.

Ms Steinem even said Meghan “came home to vote” in the presidential election, demonstrating the lure politics has for the Duchess.

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After Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building last week and the President has now been impeached, it remains to be seen whether Meghan will comment on the extraordinary events.

Not only has she had public spats with Mr Trump over the years but she — and Harry — frequently campaign for “compassion” and “kindness”, which is in line with the calls for America to “heal” following several difficult years.

She also spoke up when Black Lives Matter protests erupted in the summer, showing her support for peaceful protest.

However, if she were to make any comments condemning Mr Trump’s endorsement of the riots, Mr Hodgson thinks she could put her current arrangement with the Royal Family in jeopardy.

It must be noted that Buckingham Palace has already distanced itself from Harry’s comments about the US Presidential election, without making any serious changes to the Megxit deal.

A spokesperson said: “We would not comment.

“The Duke is not a working member of the Royal Family and any comments he makes are made in a personal capacity.”

The Megxit review may also enable the couple to fully move into a political sphere if its terms are adjusted.

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