Melania 'not surprised by Trump's mugshot and pays only so much attention'

Former First Lady Melania Trump reportedly is not surprised by her husband Donald Trump’s iconic mugshot and is going about business as usual.

Melania has remained silent since the ex-president’s scowling mugshot was released on Thursday night and as it instantly became a meme sensation and one of the most famous pictures in history.

But the mugshot apparently has not made waves in Melania’s life.

‘Melania knows who her husband is, and while she deplores the indictments as much as her husband, she wouldn’t be surprised by his mugshot or make comments about it,’ a Trump family source told People on Monday.

The former first lady is not easily surprised or upset by anything Trump does, a source in her social circle in agreement told the magazine.

‘Melania is busy with her son and family and she pays only so much attention to these issues which captivate the media,’ the social source said.

Trump is the first former or current president to have a mugshot taken and face criminal charges. Trump appears to give a death stare in his mugshot released by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, and apparently pre-planned to look defiant.

‘Of course these criminal charges are embarrassing to Melania and to Donald, but life goes on and each reacts to stress in different ways,’ the social source said.

Melania has repeatedly been cast as focused on raising and protecting her son Barron, 17, and having her own personal life.

‘A mugshot that everyone is talking about is just one more issue to wade through,’ a source told People, and ‘does not upset her any more than anything else that has happened with Donald and his legal cases’.

The source added that Melania ‘would not stand in a circle of people she knows and openly comment on the lawsuits or the mugshot’.

While Melania is unlikely to open up on the mugshot, she reportedly shares her husband’s view and anger toward the four indictments he faces as ‘election interference by his political rivals’.

‘Melania hates all of the legal problems but understands how her husband uses adversity to his advantage,’ the source said. ‘She knows the mugshot is sending both a f*** you message to his enemies as well as a kiss to his flock.’

The report came the same day as an announcement that Trump is set to be arraigned on September 6 on charges that he tried to overturn the Georgia election, which led to his mugshot.

Also on Monday, a federal judge set Trump’s federal election interference trial to start in March.

Trump on Truth Social slammed special counsel Jack Smith for deciding ‘to bring it smack in the middle of Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent’s campaign’ against him.

‘Today a biased, Trump Hating Judge gave me only a two month extension, just what our corrupt government wanted, SUPER TUESDAY,’ wrote Trump, referring to the presidential primary election day.

‘I will APPEAL!’

The report rings similar to a People report earlier this month stating that Melania considered Trump’s fourth indictment, in Georgia, to be ‘another problem for her husband, not for her’.

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