MEP caught with his pants down during video call with EU

An MEP was caught out by a working from home blunder when he only got dressed on his top half for a video conference call.

Smart up top, casual on the bottom, is a true treat of lockdown life for those who have been avoiding the workplace during the pandemic.

But Irish MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan has learned the hard way that you should at least attempt to wear some form of clothing to avoid any embarrassing overexposure.

During a video call with the European Parliament – which was broadcast live – Mr Flanagan was seen wearing a shirt and sitting on the edge of an unmade bed with his legs crossed, appearing completely trouserless.

He was even seen rubbing his thighs as he addressed an agriculture committee for two minutes.

The MEP, of the left-wing Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left faction, explained that he was actually wearing shorts having been on a run before taking the call.

He had inadvertently put the iPad settings on portrait rather than landscape and didn’t realise his legs would be on display, he said.

Despite putting on a shirt ‘to look kinda respectable’ he admitted: ‘That didn’t work out very well.’

Interpreters who were live-translating the address into various European languages could be heard fighting back laughter, the Irish Times reported.

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