Met Police fallout LIVE: Cressida Dick told to resign immediately over ‘insulting’ advice

Cressida Dick slammed for refusing to answer media questions

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Couzens was handed a whole-life sentence yesterday at the Old Bailey for the horrific murder of Ms Everard, whose death sparked outrage and protests over the rates of violence against women. Following the revelation that then-police officer Wayne Couzens used his position as a police officer to kidnap the 33-year-old marketing executive in a fake arrest, women have questioned what to do if they do not trust a lone male police officer. However, Dame Cressida Dick has been accused of providing a “deeply insulting” and “derisory” strategy which includes advice to “wave down a bus” if arrested.

Scotland Yard is also advising that if a woman is stopped and doesn’t trust a male officer they should “run into a house”, “shout out to a passer-by” or call 999.

Comedian Sooz Kempner said: “It’s deeply insulting to Sarah’s memory, her family and to women everywhere to now have ‘in future, ladies, here’s what you can do that Sarah failed to do to’ spouted at us when taking some form of action against the man nicknamed ‘the rapist’ by colleagues was always an option.

“Waving down a bus when you’re not even at a bus stop is a complete impossibility anyway, they don’t stop, you’d be lucky to get a second glance from the driver. And I dunno if you’ve heard but buses aren’t just constantly driving down every single road 24/7”.

The Police Commissioner is facing mounting pressure to resign over the scandal amid cries of a toxic culture that saw Couzens exchange grizzly misogynistic, racist and homophobic texts with his police colleagues.

The calls for her to resign are just the latest in a persistent rumble of accusations against the Met Police which include institutional racism, incompetence and corruption.

Earlier this year an open letter was written to the Prime Minister urging him to replace Dame Cressida, which was signed by a number of well-known people who had fallen foul of Met malpractice as well as MPs, campaigners and Met Officers.


Labour MP Wes Streeting

Labour MP Wes Streeting has said Tory ministers and the Met have been “completely tone deaf about violence against women and girls in the last 24 hours”.

People are looking for action to rebuild trust, he argues.

Referring to the full-life sentence handed to Couzens, Mr Streeting said: “anyone who abducts, rapes and murders a woman should never see the light of freedom again”.

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