Michaela Strachan says her dogs suffered suspected crystal meth poisoning during walk

Springwatch: Chris tells Michaela she is 'not a politician'

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The Springwatch co-host has shared the shocking details of how her pets Rio and Timmy fell seriously ill during a trek in Cape Town. The 55-year-old said her four-legged friends suffered seizures following a trip in the mountains.

Ms Strachan, who lives in the legislative capital, said she then rushed her dogs to the vet and to her surprise the medics recognised symptoms of an overdose of Tik – the name of crystal meth on the continent.

Ms Strachan had taken her pets through a ruined fort and the location is a known hotspot for homeless meth addicts.

It is thought the dogs may have come into contact with the dangerous drug via human faeces.

The dogs suffered a bout of severe sickness but are now thankfully on the mend and back up and running.

Ms Strachan shared the terrifying ordeal in a series of posts on social media.

She wrote: “After walking my dogs through a ruined fort on the mountain yesterday.

“A few hours later they looked like they were both having seizures and couldn’t stand up.

“We rushed them to the vet and she recognised the symptoms as an overdose of a drug called Tik, Crystal meth.”

Ms Strachan added: “Apparently the ruined fort is where a lot of homeless people hang out and take tik so the dogs must’ve eaten human poo with tik in it!

“Extraordinarily, the vet has come across the problem before.

“Spent the night nursing them through their hectic trips as they shook, twitched, vomited and peed. Waking up confused, disorientated, paranoid and spaced out.”

On Monday, the TV personality shared an adorable video of her two dogs back out and about.

The 20-second clip shows Rio and Timmy running in the sand on the beach.

In the caption, Ms Strachan even found time to make light of the situation with a reference to the hit TV series Breaking Bad – a Netflix drama based on crystal meth.


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She wrote: “Rio and Timmy on the beach and back to their old selves.

“Tails wagging, noses wet, tongues out and chasing seaweed. Seemingly none the worse for their guest appearance in Breaking Bad!

“Thank you for all your comments and support. Weird experience.”

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