Mike Tindall gives parenting tips as he opens up on relationship with his daughter Mia

Mike, who married Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall in 2011, discussed the personality and passions of his six-year-old. Appearing on the podcast House of Rugby, Mike was questioned by fellow former rugby player James Haskell why he “flat out beat” his daughter during an improvised race to the shore during their recent holidays in Australia. 

The father-of-two replied: “I’m trying to make her more competitive that is what I was trying to do.”

However, Mike was lightly mocked by Mr Haskell for his answer.

The former rugby player said: “Yeah, by beating her soundly and almost running her over and knocking her over – woo, take that!”

The Tindalls spent the Christmas holidays and the first week of January on the Australian Gold Coast. 

Zara, who competed as an equestrian in the 2012 London Olympic Games, took part to some of the races in the popular Magic Millions racing week.

Thanks to the races, the organisation raised more than £230,000 for the rural firefighters, who have been desperately battling the Australian bushfires for months.

Zara’s love for horses has been passed on to Mia, according to Mike.

Mike revealed the six-year-old loves horse riding with her cousins Savannah and Isla, the daughters of Zara’s brother Peter Phillips.

He said: “She’s going through that period where she thinks she knows what to do so we have someone teaching her.

“Her cousins, Savannah and Isla, and Zara’s brother, Peter Phillips, all ride as well and they go riding together.”

Mike praised horse riding as a good sport which can teach children several important skills.

However, he revealed neither he or Zara want to push their daughters to practise sports they may not like.

He added: “I love that they have the opportunity of working with animals, being outside, all the traditions that you learn with treating an animal – looking after your stuff, looking after the animals and learning good balance, all those skills you learn – but I think Mia will probably want to do her own thing anyway.”

Mike often speaks about his family during the House of Rugby podcast.   

But he recently refused to speak about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to leave the Royal Family as senior members.

The podcast host, Alex Payne, cheekily pointed out the Tindalls were in Australia while there had been “quite a lot going on” in the Royal Family.

However, Mike simply said: “Let’s not talk about that.”

He added that he “doesn’t know anything about it”. 

Mr Haskell, who is a friend of the Duke of Sussex and attended his Royal Wedding in May 2018, said: “I don’t know anything about it either, I don’t know any more than you know…

“I think it must be very traumatic and difficult, I have sent my regards.

“That’s the extent of it.”

Mike’s refusal to comment on the so-called Megxit deal came after Prince Harry and Meghan agreed on the terms of their exit.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex agreed with the Queen and other senior royals they will no longer carry out royal duties and will relinquish the use of the HRH style from spring 2020.

In turn, Meghan and Harry will be allowed to pursue private ventures and live abroad.   

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