Mike Tindall stars in Pizza advert for Dominos

Mike Tindall admits he 'hates' wearing royal service medals

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Mike Tindall has appeared in advert for the pizza chain Dominos just weeks after his rumoured signing with a reality tv show. The 2003 Rugby Union World Cup winner is married to King Charles’ niece Zara makes a joke about his royal connections in the advert claiming he has “friends in high places”. 

It is the latest in a number of recent commercial deals that the 44 year old has been involved in.

He recently appeared with his wife in the autumn/winter 2022 campaign for British fashion brand Musto as its new ambassador.

Mr Tindall’s pizza ad is believed to be a tie-in with the podcast Tindall and Haskell host, The Good, The Bad & The Rugby as well as the Autumn Nations Series.

In the advert Mr Tindall is seen arriving at Mr Haskell’s house for a party carrying a number of Domino’s Pizza boxes.

Mr Haskell greets Mr Tindall and remarks that he has arrived in style.

He says: “Tinds! What a boy – and in a heli too!

“Someone must have owed you a really big favour!”

Mr Tindall replies; “Standard. You know me, mate. Friends in high places.

“I always deliver for you and luckily Domino’s always deliver on the food.”

In response Mr Haskell jokes “Calm down! What do you need, a medal?” in an apparent humourous reference to the questions raised over the three medals Mr Tindall was seen wearing at Elizabeth II’s funeral last month.

Mr Tindall responds: “Don’t be like that.”

One of the medals that the former rugby player wore at the funeral was awarded in 2007 in recognition of his contribution to the sport.

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The other two medals were given to him by the late monarch to mark her Diamond and Platinum Jubilees in 2012 and 2022.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Mr Tindall admitted he “hates” wearing medals, arguing he had not done anything to achieve them “apart from being in the family”.

Mr Tindall is expected to be paid as much as £235,000 for his rumoured appearance in ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’, which is due to be filmed in the Australian jungle.

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