Model’s horse booted from posh stables over adult site

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Ms Spencer originally moved 14-year-old Cherry into the stables three days before Christmas.

However, on New Year’s Eve, she received a message from stables worker Ross Evans giving her 10 days’ notice to remove her beloved horse to another stables.

Speaking to the Sun, Ms Spencer said she was told by Ross: “You are a lovely person. However, unfortunately, we are not comfortable with the industry you work in, which has been brought to my attention, and the different various people you have brought to the yard.”

Mr Evans offered Ms Spencer a full refund and offered to help move the horse to another stables, an offer which did not ease the model’s anger at being treated differently to other horse owners.

Ms Spencer said: “It’s absolutely horrific – I’ve been discriminated against because of my job.”

She reportedly told Mr Evans: “A person’s job doesn’t define a person’s personality. I am deeply hurt.”

In response, Mr Evans told her that the decision had not been made by him, but by the stable’s partners and managers.

Ms Spencer has since moved Cherry to a different stables nearby, one with no problem with her profession.

As well as experiencing issues with her horse, in recent weeks Ms Spencer has been open about what she sees as the unfair impact of Brexit on her life.

Speaking to Ms Spencer previously said she hated Brexit on a personal level as it had left her “trapped” in the UK and made it “all but impossible” for her to move to Spain.

She said: “I would emigrate to Spain if were still in the EU, but being self-employed and working in the adult industry makes it very difficult. You need to have a job or have a company sponsor which I don’t.

“So unless I have a substantial amount of money in my bank account – which I don’t – it is pretty much impossible for me to move.”

She added that before Brexit it was very easy to move, but now it is much harder, she says she is living to regret the opportunity she never took.

On the impact of leaving the EU, Ms Spencer said she believed the UK was on a downward trajectory.

She said: “Things are so difficult regardless of what you want to do. That needs to change because it is causing all this completely unnecessary aggravation that we could really do without.”

A spokesman for Allen and Atherton told “Whether that be for UK citizens wanting to emigrate or foreign nationals wanting to come to the country things have changed hugely since exiting the EU.

“Whether this changes is up to the government but we always advise anyone with work who is thinking of emigrating to the EU to look at the visa criteria.”

As a result, while it is still possible to move in and out of the EU, it is a move that has more bureaucratic hurdles than it did a few years ago.

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