Moment killer eats Haribo after beating stranger to death and then beheading her

Moment killer eats sweets as he's arrested by police

Chilling footage has emerged showing a killer calmly chewing on Haribo as he was arrested for beating a stranger to death before beheading her.

Luke Deeley, 26, entered mum-of-three June Fox-Roberts’ house in South Wales and bludgeoned her until she collapsed. Her body was dragged into the dining room, placed on a tarpaulin and then decapitated. June was then chopped into pieces and her limbs put in separate plastic bags, leaving June’s daughter to find her mum in what has been described as a “murder scene of nightmares”. 

Deeley was later found ten miles away from the horrifying scene in an alleyway eating sweets as officers detain him, a scene which was recorded on film.

He clutched the bag of gummy treats as he told police: “I’ve been on a hike I have bro.”

An officer told him: “Leave it where it is. Put your hands behind your back for a second. Take these sweets off you.”


The killer lied that his name was Lewis Thomas while he was being handcuffed and put into a police van.

The footage feels eerily calm and when police asked Deeley if he had anything illegal on him, he said he had a “nunchuck thing”.

In November 2021, murderer Deeley entered June’s home in Llantwit Fardre, South Wales while she was alone as her daughters were away for the weekend.

The illustration student, a paranoid schizophrenic, attacked her twice in the hallway before dragging her into the dining room where she was placed on tarpaulin.


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