Moment tractor driver confronts pony rider for telling him to ‘slow down’

Shocking footage shows the moment a horse rider is confronted by a tractor driver after she signalled for him to slow down along a narrow, country road.

Liv Shelby posted the video on TikTok where she is seen getting into a heated confrontation with a tractor driver.

The video starts with Liv shouting “she’s never seen a tractor” in reference to her three-year-old pony who she had taken out for a trek along country roads.

Liv claimed the driver had been going “too fast” and risked spooking her pony.

The driver then shouts at her to “get that horse out of the way” before Liv manages to steer her pony into another road to allow the tractor to pass.

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@livshelby Spreading awareness to people, you need to slow down for horses. What this man did was illegal, threatning & bullying.My poor pony is only 3 years old, her first time on the road and we were completely bullied to get out of fhe way. #hacking #angryfarmer #equestrians #equestriantiktok #equestrianproblems #farmer ♬ original sound – LIVI

Liv is seen trying to calm down her pony who appears stressed by the situation.

As the driver pulls up next to her, he gets out and begins shouting.

“Never tell me how to drive”, he said as he pointed a finger and walked towards her. He continued: “I’ve been coming down here. I respect everybody and I’m not coming fast. You can’t control that, you shouldn’t be allowed it.”

Liv then reiterates that her pony has never seen a tractor before, making the driver more irritate as he shouts: “Shut up, I’m talking to you. Do not wave like that again at me.”

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Liv then responds: “I just said to slow down.”

He then continues: “I know how to slow down. I’ve been driving round here for 50 years. Don’t do that again.”

The driver then gets back into the tractor and drives off, leaving Liv and her horse shaken from the confrontation.

Sharing the video on TikTok, she said she hopes the video will “raise awareness” and urges other drivers to “slow down for horses”. She then goes on to say the man was “threatening and bullying” her.

Viewers were quick to share their opinion in the comments, with most condemning the driver. One person wrote: “The way he spoke to you is wrong”.

Another said: “This is absolutely awful. Well done for handling it so well.”

A third added: “I’ve had this happen to me before. He was literally driving at me and it’s the scariest thing ever.”

A fourth wrote: “I felt intimidated just watching that! Well done for staying so calm because I don’t think I would have. I hope your horse is okay!”

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