More than half of electric car drivers regret their decision in shocking survey

More than half of electric car drivers regret their decision, it has been revealed in a shocking new survey.

Around 54 percent of respondents told the study, conducted by Monta and YouGov, that they regretted buying an electric car because of rising electricity prices.

The cost of living crisis means that the cost of charging an electric car is rising quickly, close to that of petrol or diesel cars.

Originally, one of the main attractions of buying an electric car was the fact they were cheaper to fill up than their petrol or diesel equivalent.

However, more people are discovering that on longer journeys there isn’t much difference in cost between filling up with petrol or electricity.

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Another one of the reasons listed by respondents, who were based in France, for their regret was the perceived lack of transparency over the true costs of running an electric car.

Respondents said they were unhappy with how many apps they had to download to accommodate the different charging providers.

While an impractical change for people living in France, it is something electric car owners in the UK also have to put up with.

The shocking results of the survey come as the UK speeds towards a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030.

As the deadline approaches, more pressure is being put on the Government to push it back to 2035 to put in line with Europe.

Furthermore, as the cost of living continues to bite, more people are deciding to stick with their petrol cars.

Earlier this year the Telegraph reported that electric cars were now more expensive than petrol cars on long journeys.

The RAC’s Simon Williams said they were concerned the rising prices could put people off.

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Mr Williams said: “For drivers to switch to electric cars en masse, it’s vital that the numbers stack up. In time, the list price of new electric models will come down but charging quickly has also got to be as affordable as possible.

“It continues to be the case that those who can charge at home or at work and who don’t use the public rapid charging network very often get fantastic value – even given the relatively high domestic energy prices right now.

“Sadly, the same can’t be said for people who either can’t charge at home or at work or who regularly make longer journeys beyond the range of their cars.

“There’s no question they have to pay far more, and in some cases, more than petrol or diesel drivers do to fill up on a mile-for-mile basis.”

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