Mourner cancels holiday to join queue to pay respect to Queen

Mourner cancels holiday to join queue to pay respect to Queen

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Queen’s mourner Janet revealed she has reorganised her holiday in France to join the queue which leads to Westminster Hall to pay tribute to the late Queen. She said she is undeterred by the prospect of a long queue as she stressed the Queen is “such a remarkable woman and role model” and “it is important to give out thanks to her for what she’s done”. Janet added that hundreds of people are in London because they “want to do the right thing”.

Mourner Janet told TalkTV newsreader Holly Hudson: “We’re suppressed to be in France at the moment!

“My husband kindly reorganised the first week of our holiday so we could be in London and I could get here today.”

Ms Hudson asked: “Are you prepared to camp down tonight to see the Queen’s coffin?”

Janet responded: “Now I’m here, yes absolutely. 

“Queen Elizabeth is such a remarkable woman and a wonderful role model for all of us.

“She’s the only one that most of us have ever known.

“I think it is important to recognise the end of that era and to give our thanks to her for what she’s done for the nation and the Commonwealth.

Referring to the other mourners joining the queue, she concluded: “Everybody is very friendly and we’re all chatting to our neighbours around.

Mourner cancels holiday to join queue to pay respect to Queen

“By the time we get to Westminster Hall, we’re all be on each other’s Facebook pages!

“It’s a really nice atmosphere and I think people are here because they want to do the right thing and give our recognition and pay respect to Queen Elizabeth”.

As the Queen’s coffin reaches Westminster Hall, tens of thoudanss are people are expected to continue to queue to pay respects to the late monarch and file past the coffin.

The late monarch’s coffin arrived at Westminster Hall on Wednesday afternoon, after a procession which lasted around 40 minutes and started from Buckingham Palace.

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In Westminster Hall, members of the public will be able to pay their tribute to the Queen 24 hours a day during the lying-in-state, which will last until the day of the Queen’s state funeral on Monday morning.

During the lying-in-state period, the Queen’s coffin rests on a raised platform guarded units from the Sovereign’s Bodyguard, the Household Division or Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London.

According to estimates provide by the UK Government, the queue to Westminster Hall has reached a length of over 2.6 miles on Thursday morning.

In an early update, the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said the queue stretches along the River Thames nearly all the way to Blackfriars Bridge.

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