MP pleads with Britons to listen to tier rules as ‘relief’ ahead – ‘Route out of pandemic’

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Tory MP Simon Clarke pleaded with Britons to continue to listen to the tiered coronavirus restrictions after the lockdown is lifted next month. While speaking on Politics Live, Mr Clarke claimed, the UK would return to normal by Easter and there was hope going forward. He noted that “relief is at hand” as the Government intends to role out coronavirus vaccines in the next couple of months.

Mr Clarke said: “I wouldn’t accept the characterisation that public services have let us down in this crisis.

“There is no question that this has been an unprecedented challenge but we are now in a position where we can say to the public that relief is at hand.

“That is a massive part of the equation going forward, we are in a situation now that has a finite duration, of which it wasn’t previously.

“That has a massive impact I think on people’s ability to see that there is a purpose to what we are doing.

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“If we can just keep it going for a few more months we will get to Easter and a return to normality.”

Earlier this week Boris Johnson announced that tougher tier restrictions will come into play after the locked ends on December 2nd.

He noted that he will later reveal what areas fall into Tiers 1,2 and 3 in England on Thursday.

While speaking in the House of Commons he said: “For the first time since this wretched virus took hold, we can see a route out of the pandemic.

“The breakthroughs in treatment, in testing and vaccines mean that the scientific cavalry is now in sight and we know in our hearts that next year we will succeed.

“By the Spring, these advances should reduce the need for the restrictions we have endured in 2020 and make the whole concept of a Covid lockdown redundant.

“When that moment comes, it will have been made possible by the sacrifices of millions of people across the United Kingdom.

“I am acutely conscious that no other peacetime Prime Minister has asked so much of the British people and just as our country has risen to every previous trial, so it has responded this time, and I am deeply grateful.”

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Despite the success in the fight against coronavirus, Mr Johnson admitted that there was still a way to go. 

He added: “First, we must get through Winter without the virus spreading out of control and squandering our hard-won gains, at exactly the time when the burden on the NHS is always greatest.

“Our Winter Plan is designed to carry us safely to Spring. In recent weeks, families and businesses in England have, once again, steadfastly observed nationwide restrictions and they have managed to slow the growth of new cases and ease the worst pressures on our NHS.

“I can therefore confirm that national restrictions in England will end on 2nd December, and they will not be renewed.”

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