M&S prompts £5 turkey dash as supermarket slashes Christmas prices

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Marks and Spencer have slashed their post-Christmas turkey prices, with supplies of the meat going for a fraction of their seasonal value. Supermarket bosses have reduced their famously expensive turkeys to clear following Christmas day, in some cases by up to 90 percent. And Britons have descended on the birds days after complaining about the sky-high prices of UK turkeys.

One shopper at the supermarket chain discovered a stuffed Oakham turkey crown for just £4.97.

The item, which came with pork, sage and onion stuffing and could serve between six to 10 people, was reduced to clear from £51.75.

People could pick up more than 2kg of meat for £47.18 less than they may have ahead of Christmas.

Some have pounced on the opportunity after missing out on turkey this year.

Twitter user Bradley Elstub announced on Boxing Day that it was “time to go for my annual scrap with a granny in M&S for a £5 turkey”.

And Winnie Wonderland said she took advantage of the reduced prices and bought an M&S turkey after she hadn’t “eaten a morsel”.

She announced that she went to buy a turkey crown for a turkey sandwich.

Their excitement followed outrage from other Twitter users in the days running up to Christmas as they reacted to M&S pricing.

People discovered that, in some cases, the supermarket was selling the meat for nearly £100.

Twitter user Wieghorst questioned the supermarket’s prices in a furious rant after discovering one expensive bird.

He wrote: “As seen in M&S Streatham. A turkey crown that feeds 4-8. For £72.20. Not a typo.

“I know it’s organic. I know about bird flu. But Jesus. It’s 72 quid for half a bird. Society is f***ed.”

M&S wasn’t the only supermarket to court turkey-related outrage over Christmas, as Morrisons also received pushback.

BazR, commenting on a picture of a 7kg turkey worth £147.50, said: “This isn’t just ANY turkey.

“This isn’t even an M&S turkey…It’s a F***** HOW MUCH turkey?!?!”

Controversy over the pricing followed widespread disgust ahead of Christmas when consumers found their turkeys had gone off before December 25.

Despite buying the turkeys while they were in date, several customers complained on social media that their poultry had gone off.

One customer posted a picture of a discoloured, white spotted turkey to Twitter while writing to Tesco about “disgusting” and “rotten” meat.

Another, writing to Sainsbury’s, said they paid £40 “for a rotten turkey”, and posted another picture of yellowed meat.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s apologised for the poor quality meat and pledged to investigate what happened.

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