Mum £1k short after being ‘incorrectly told easyJet flight cancelled’

A mum has lost £1,000 after she claims easyJet told her her flight was cancelled – despite it still running as scheduled. Natasha Williams claimed she was forced to pay for alternative flights and accommodation after finding out her flight was “cancelled” – leaving her with no way to get home to Bristol from Berlin. But the airline has refused to refund her after claiming there was “no record” of such notice being issued, according to Natasha.

Natasha said she had tried to get her family – including three children – put on an alternative flight to Bristol after being informed of the cancellation at the airport, but was told there wasn’t one for four days.

She instead decided to book a flight for the next day and accommodation in Berlin – costing more than £1,000 in total.

Natasha said others were put in the same situation and opted to go on the Eurotunnel and bus.

Recalling the moment, she told DevonLive: “I went to the easyJet desk to be told that our flight was cancelled. It didn’t show up on the screen or anything. I said ‘well what do I do?’ and easyJet said ‘just rebook a flight and we’ll reimburse you’.”

“I looked online to see when the next flight was and it wasn’t until Thursday and this was Sunday. My kids started crying, saying ‘mum we can’t stay that long, what are we going to do?’.”

Natasha decided to book a room at Premier Inn and a flight back to Birmingham via Paris through AirFrance.

But, she soon found out the original flight had actually gone ahead and was about to set off.

She said: “We hung around [at the airport] for ages and this guy came over and said ‘you were on our flight, weren’t you? I’ve been on the phone to easyJet in Bristol, the flight isn’t cancelled, apparently it’s on the way. I’m just following it on the tracker.’

A woman working at the airport then “hurried us through”, she said, and the family did eventually get on the easyJet flight.

Natasha said she later asked easyJet to be reimbursed for the money she spent on alternative flights and accommodation, which the family never ended up using.

But she claims the airline refused to refund her as she managed to board the original flight – leaving her £1,000 short just two weeks before Christmas.

A spokesperson for easyJet said: “Ms Williams’ flight from Berlin to Bristol on 11 December 2022 operated as planned with 177 passengers including Ms Williams and her family on board.

“The flight was not cancelled at any time and we have no records to suggest that customers were advised that it was, so we are unable to reimburse her for any alternative travel arrangements that she chose to make.”

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