Mum drops 7 stone after her son’s ‘awful’ sports day brought her to tears

A mum has shed a massive seven stone after breaking into tears at her son’s sports day. Laura McCormack of Renfrew, who once tipped the scales at 17st 10, has embraced a new fitness-centric lifestyle and proudly transformed from a size 22 to a stunning size 8 in less than half a year of weight loss efforts.  In the past, Laura, now 41, would decline physical activities despite her children’s pleas. And when she finally caved, she was left feeling “awful” during a fateful sports day. 

Taking part in the parents’ sporting activity, she was burdened by back and leg aches due to her excessive weight and couldn’t help but burst into tears.

But after being motivated by this painful moment, she says she has unlocked her inner “competitive mum mode” for this year’s sports day.

She now weighs just 10st 4 and is an avid member of Weight Watchers, which has helped her to “dramatically” reform her eating habits.

Her children, Lucy, nine, and Jack, 11, are excitedly looking forward to witnessing their mom’s transformation, according to the Daily Record.

Sharing details on the moving sports day, Laura said: “I used to feel embarrassed when it came to events like kids’ sports days, and I would never participate in any of the parent activities.

“It saddened me because my kids always asked me to join in. I vividly remember the first time I decided to participate, and it ended with me in tears because I felt so awful. I had no confidence in my appearance and would dress head to toe in black to hide my body.

She added: “Just after Christmas, something clicked in my head, and I realized I needed to start taking better care of myself. I wanted to become healthier and be a more active mom for my children. I had to set a good example for them since they’re only 11 and 9. It wasn’t healthy for them to see me so unhappy and unfit.”

The mum decided to join Weight Watchers, although she admitted her initial progress was slower than she expected, only losing a few pounds in the first two weeks.

Although she was tempted to give up, she stuck with it and by the third week made some massive progress.

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She said: “Normally, I would have given up, abandoned everything, and fallen back into old habits. But this time, I pushed myself to persevere and reminded myself that slow progress is still progress. In the third week, I lost 5lb, and I was overjoyed. I guess my body was just adapting to the drastic changes in my diet and exercise routine.”.

She continued: “I was determined to stay consistent with tracking my food intake and exercise. I’m so glad I did because my life has improved significantly since then. I can now be more active with Jack and Lucy.

“Last summer, I participated in the parent activities during the school sports day, even though I was only halfway through my journey. Now, I’m in full ‘competitive mum mode’ for this year’s events, and my kids are just as excited.”

Laura’s son, Jack, constantly reminds her of the positive changes, telling her that she’s a much happier mom now. She finds these reminders incredibly rewarding. Additionally, she has noticed a vast improvement in her self-confidence, particularly when it comes to her clothing choices.

Laura said:  “Previously, I would lounge around and eat junk food, but now I make sure to get my daily steps in and visit the gym 4-5 times a week. My eating habits have undergone a dramatic transformation. I used to skip breakfast entirely and rely on convenient options like Gregg’s or Subway for lunch.”

She added: “Dinner used to be whatever I could throw in the oven, and in the evenings, I would indulge in large packs of crisps all by myself. However, now I ensure I have a healthy breakfast every day, such as cereal or porridge with fruit.

“For lunch, I opt for a salad sandwich, soup, or pasta. My evening meals have become much more varied and wholesome. I prepare homemade dishes with chicken, potatoes, and vegetables, or indulge in homemade spaghetti Bolognese, chili, or curries. It’s truly amazing how my perspective on food has changed.”

Laura’s transformation goes beyond just her physical appearance. She has experienced a boost in her overall fitness levels, making her daily commute to work faster and more manageable.

Previously, the walk took her around 40 minutes but with improved fitness, she now completes it in just 25 minutes.

Additionally, her job, which involves long periods of standing, used to cause frequent leg and backaches. But she no longer experiences this kind of discomfort, making her everyday working life much easier and more enjoyable.

Laura proudly said: “My journey has been life-changing. Not only have I shed seven stone and dropped several dress sizes, but I have regained my confidence, become a more active and involved mother, and improved my overall well-being. I am grateful for the support of WeightWatchers and my determination to stick with it, even during the challenging times. My children’s happiness and seeing myself transform into a happier and healthier version of myself have made every step of this journey worthwhile.”

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