Mum ‘forced’ to stand in street to stop parents parking outside home

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One furious mum says she has been left feeling incredibly frustrated by the actions of parents in her local area. So much so, she took matters into her own hands in a bid to try and stop them parking on her street when dropping off or picking up their children from school.

Sharing her frustrations online, she went to parenting hub Mumsnet for advice. On the site, she wrote a post saying: “Parents park on the double yellow lines at the junction of the side road blocking lines of sight for pedestrians and cars trying to turn in and out. This often results in the road getting blocked and cars reversing back onto the main road.”

She continued: “I started asking parents not to park and the junction but have been largely ignored so I have started standing on the edge of the road to prevent people parking and this has been effective.

“Today someone I know signalled to me to move but I smiled and shook my head and they had to park a few metres down the street. They are not happy with me. [Am I being unreasonable] to block the road?”

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Many other parents had strong opinions on the matter, MyLondon reports, with one writing: “It’s the same at every school in the country and is a problem that you won’t solve. Some parents are lazy and selfish.”

“If her standing there means cars can’t park there sounds pretty much like a problem solved to me,” wrote another. 

This was echoed by a third who said: “They’re not meant to be parking there. It’s too close to a junction.”

A fourth mum went into depth by writing “What are you going to do, stand there every day? Then cars will park there as soon as you leave or stop doing it. What is it really fixing?

“School needs to push council for signs, cones and enforcement. Can you teach your child to cross elsewhere? You’re not wrong per se but I doubt you’ll get the response you want.”

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