Mum furious after mother-in-law takes daughter to have ears pierced

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The woman said she was filled with “rage and hurt” over the decision taken by her mother-in-law and had previously explained she wanted to wait until she felt her daughter was “ready” for the procedure.

She had been made aware by her daughter she wished to get her ears pierced but felt she was still “on the fence about wanting it done” because she’s still so young and at that age, their “minds change so often”.

Her in-laws regularly look after her children and were, therefore, aware of the youngster’s “off and on wishes” to get her ears pierced, she added.

The mum also explained that the topic had been brought up in a recent phone call, during which she explained that didn’t want her daughter to have her ears pierced yet.

She said she wanted to ensure the five-year-old was taken to a professional establishment and not “somewhere like Claire’s”.

During the phone call with her mother-in-law, she had explained that she wanted to take her daughter to “a tattoo shop to get it professionally done when she’s good and ready”.

But her mother-in-law appeared not to take any of the stipulations on board and took the young girl to get them pierced at Claire’s while her mum was working.

Writing on Reddit, the mum who goes by the username u/spidermanpan, said: “Today I woke up (I work overnight shifts) and my in-laws were watching my kids.

“They come back to drop them off and lo and behold my mother-in-law was basically like ‘surprise! She got her ears pierced!’ At Claire’s no less.

“The amount of rage and hurt I feel for what happened.

“The fact that my wishes were violated. The fact that it was done where I said not to. And the fact that it was done without my consent and my presence.”

The mother-in-law had claimed she didn’t think the mum had cared about it being done, so had decided the arrange the piercing appointment for the little girl.

The post got almost 350 comments, with most users agreeing with the furious mum’s anger towards her mother-in-law.

One user, LadyF16, commented: “I would reconsider having them watch your children without you or your spouse present since they clearly can’t follow your requests”.

Another said: “Take the earrings out. She is too young to properly care for pierced ears. The holes will heal”.

While another told the mum, “you have every right to be furious”.

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