Mum ‘gobsmacked’ at unusual sea creature daughter is hiding in her freezer

A Merseyside schoolgirl can’t wait to show people who visit her home the unusual sea creature she has in her freezer.

Eight-year-old Epiphany was visiting Llandudno in North Wales with mum Julia Zeineddine and another child when she made an unusual discovery on the shortline.

The trio had visited the circus before heading to the beach during their visit to the town on Thursday, June 8 when Epiphany found something on the shoreline

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Julia said:  “I took my little girl and a lad I look after, to the circus for the day. After the circus we went to the beach for sunset.

“We just saw it on the shoreline, it was dead and must have got stuck as the tide went out. I was like ‘oh my god, I can’t believe it’.

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The 30-year-old added: “I was gobsmacked. I’ve never seen a shark in real life before. I put it on the back seat and went home. The car was stinking of fish.”

The dead shark is now back in Netherton, Merseyside, and “living” in the freezer.

Julia said:  “He’s currently chilling in the freezer, he’ll be alright in there though as there’s salmon in there. When people knock at the door my kid wants to show it off.

“I don’t know if there’s a marine biologist who is interested in it.”

The shark is thought to be a small-spotted catshark, which can be found all year around in waters around the UK.

They are named due to the dark spots and blotches on their skin.

Small-spotted catsharks are common and live close to the seabed in shallow waters down to around 100m deep. 

They sometimes wash up dead on beaches after storms.

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