Mum of Christopher Halliwell victim fears he killed Claudia Lawrence

The mother of a woman killed by taxi driver Christopher Halliwell claims he could have also murdered missing chef Claudia Lawrence because of his links with the area where she vanished. Karen Edwards, whose daughter Becky Godden was strangled by the serial killer back in 2003, says Claudia’s family deserves “some peace”. Alongside Claudia’s mum Joan, 79, Ms Edwards is urging police to investigate Halliwell’s potential links to the case.

Claudia Lawrence, a chef at York University, was last seen in March 2009 leaving her work.

She has never been found.

According to Ms Edwards, a witness close to killer Halliwell revealed that he had always wanted to move to York or Yorkshire.

Talking to The Mirror, she said: “I feel he’s connected with Claudia’s case. He was a taxi driver, for God’s sake.

“He once admitted ‘They want me for eight more.'”

Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher has previously claimed that Halliwell may be responsible for other killings. In 2016, he alleged that the killer had told him that “police want to interview me about eight murders”.

Ms Edwards has also reported that several witnesses have come forward, including women who claim that Halliwell stalked them in Yorkshire and Bath.

She said: “He gets an obsession with people and befriends them.

“We don’t know if Claudia knew him.”

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Becky’s body was found eight years after Halliwell killed her.

He was already serving life for the murder of Sian O’Callaghan when he was jailed for life in 2016 for Becky’s murder.

It is believed that Halliwell worked in Yorkshire for a building firm based in his hometown of Swindon, and would vanish at night while colleagues went drinking.

Karen, who understands the pain of losing a child, feels guilty for having found her daughter’s grave while Claudia’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Karen said: “I’ve been through what Joan’s been through, having your daughter missing.

“I am the lucky one as I have a grave to visit now. I feel guilty because I’ve got my little girl back.

“I know where she is and that gives me a huge peace of mind. Now let’s try and help Joan to find some peace, too.”

North Yorkshire Police have said they remain committed to providing the answers those close to Claudia need.

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