‘My babies!’ Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie had Fergie in tears with milestone

Fergie reveals how Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie brought her to tears

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The Duchess of York has revealed how she was brought to tears as her two children marked life-changing milestones in their adult lives. Sarah Ferguson has two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, with her former husband, Prince Andrew. Despite their divorce in 1996, the couple reportedly remains close and the Duchess has revealed her close bond with her two children has prevailed as her daughters have grown into adult members of the royal family. Ms Ferguson described the two Princesses as “my everything” as she gave a heartwarming interview with broadcaster Iain Dale.

The LBC host asked the Duchess how she coped when her daughters “flew the nest” and became increasingly independent of their parents.

Mr Dale said: “I think all parents find that adjustment very difficult, when you spend 18 years or 20 years or however long with them as a constant presence and then suddenly, they’re not there anymore.”

Ms Ferguson agreed: “Oh my gosh Iain, I think I cried when they got engaged because they’re certainly my babies. 

“I’m very open with them about it and now I’ve understood that they create their own islands and they have to create their own islands.”

The Duchess continued: “It did take me quite a long time because I, of course as you know now from this interview and with the amount of children’s books I’ve written, my children are my everything. 

“I love playing with them and love having fun with them during the day and in the evening now.”

Ms Ferguson quipped that her close relationship with the Princesses’ partners had eased her motherly anxiety.

“I mean, it’s quite useful with Jack, when he got engaged and married to Eugenie, he of course worked for a tequila company which helps enormously.”

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Princess Eugenie became engaged to Casamigos tequila brand ambassador Jack Brooksbank in 2018.

The couple were married later the same year and share a son, August, born in 2021.

The eldest of the two daughters, Princess Beatrice, became engaged to property developer Edoardo Mozzi in 2019.

Their wedding had been scheduled for May 2020 although the ceremony and reception were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The couple were eventually married in a private ceremony held in July.

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Princess Beatrice also gave birth to a daughter, Sienna, in 2021. In addition, the Princess has a step-son, Christopher, through her marriage to Mr Mozzi.

Ms Ferguson has praised her daughter’s personal relationships as she celebrated how her children have established “their own islands” and expanded their family.

In a recent interview with The Times, the Duchess explained that, during her time in the UK, her and Prince Andrew present a “united front” for their daughters and wider family despite no longer being together.

She expressed a continued fondness for her former husband as she described Prince Andrew as a “very good and kind man”.

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