‘My sister refuses to wear her bridesmaid dress — I want her out the wedding’

A soon-to-be bride has taken to social media to vent about her sister, who refuses to wear her bridesmaid dress because it’s too “girly”.

Posting on the popular Reddit forum #AITA, the woman said that she will soon marry her fiance and has selected five bridesmaids for the big day, including her 21-year-old “tomboy” sister. 

She explained that before asking anyone to be a bridesmaid she made it clear that they would all have to wear matching dresses that she chose herself, and at the time everyone agreed, including her sister Millie. 

But after buying and sending them the dresses, her younger sister refused to wear hers because the pastel pink colour was “too girly” and even threatened to miss the wedding unless the dress was returned for a different colour — something the bride is dead against. 

To make matters worse, her parents have said that she should return the dress and pick a colour Millie likes because they’re both acting like “children”.

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She wrote: “I have five women being my bridesmaids, one of them is my sister, Millie. Millie has always been more of a tomboy growing up but doesn’t have an issue with wearing dresses for formal events.

“They’re a relatively simple style and in a pastel pink colour, Millie is now angry and saying she won’t wear the dress because it’s pink and too ‘girly’. She’s even threatening not to attend the wedding anymore unless I return her dress and pick out another colour.

“I think Millie is being dramatic and could deal with wearing the dress for one day but to be honest my feelings are really hurt that she’d threaten to drop out of the wedding over this.”

Her fiance even chimed in knowing it was causing stress to his soon-to-be-wife. 

The author went on: “My fiancé thinks I should kick her out of the wedding party before she causes bigger problems closer to or on the day.”

And her parents have been in touch with her since the dispute began, telling her that she needs to return the dress and change the colour, even though it’s her wedding day.

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Her post proved popular on the site, gaining just under 500 responses from people giving their take on the issue. 

One person commented: “Whether she is a tomboy is irrelevant. She agreed to be a bridesmaid. This is what you chose. I’d have more sympathy in the event the style was extremely low cut and it didn’t fit a busty woman or something of that nature. Simply hating the colour? Deal with it. It’s one day and she didn’t have to pay for it.”

And a second person said: “F*** I am a tomboy, if my sister or mates wanted me to wear a pink lacey dress you bet I’m going to wear it for them on their special day.”

While a third said: “Everyone knows that the bridesmaid’s primary responsibility is to wear a ridiculous and unflattering gown chosen by the bride while exclaiming how beautiful it is, and arguing that it can totally be worn to other events in the future. Sister is being a brat.”

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