National Grid blackout – Expert outlines two actions UK must take

Centrica should inject gas into rough storage facility says expert

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Mr Moffatt told LBC: “So we’re highly vulnerable in the fact that we don’t have any cushion gas if you like.

“And we’re highly dependent for heat and power, and we cant stumble into a situation in the hope that the weather isn’t going to be severe or that the winds going to be blowing, so what should we do?

“There are four things one is that we should encourage Centrica to keep injecting gas into the rough storage facility, which was closed by Government wrongly, about several years ago.

“And they’re trying to reactivate that…”

Mr Dale added: “Why did they close it?”

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Mr Moffatt explained: “They cancelled it basically because they didn’t think it was an economic proposition at the time.

“And the minister at the time said, well we don’t really need storage, because we’re always going to get LNG supplies when we need it.

“Well, it has become quite clear that in this current scramble we could well not get the gas we need when we need it.

“So the Government have changed their mind at the last minute, and are now talking with Centrica about financing the replenishment of gas into the rough facility.

“It won’t buy us a lot of time but if it managed to get filled it would buy us an extra few days, to maybe ten days compared to two.

“So that would be one thing, the second thing is your previous speaker mentioned is that there is a need, there probably need to understand that the National Grid in the case of gas doesn’t have responsibility for matching a real-time demand and supply.”

Graham Stuart refuses to rule out energy rationing this winter

Due to the planned energy blackout, some Britons are fearing the worst, as those who are most vulnerable in society are predicted to be hit the hardest.

The Government have been encouraged to do their best to avoid the incoming blackouts this winter.

The blackouts will be implemented if for up to three hours at a time in the extreme event of gas shortages.

The elderly people living in the UK are set to be some of those people who will be most affected.

Director of an over-60s campaign group Silver Voices Dennis Reed gave a warning for the elderly people living in the UK.

“Many older people have complex medical equipment and safety alarm systems which depend on power supplies. Also, older people’s health can deteriorate rapidly in very cold conditions and hypothermia is always a risk in winter.”

“Older lives could be put at risk unless any power cuts are targeted. We call on the Government to ensure that National Grid puts people before businesses and has comprehensive safeguarding plans in place for vulnerable households, including all over-70s.”

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