Nazi bunker with gun stations hits the market for just £40,000

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Two well-preserved Nazi bunkers are up for grabs on the Channel Islands, coming complete with trenches, enormous gun stations and battlements. Two dozen officers of the Third Reich occupied the bunkers in Alderney, after the islands were taken over by Adolf Hitler’s forces during World War 2. The bunkers were built sometime between 1942 and 1944, and now offer a fascinating glimpse into life during the war.

The huge gun emplacements are mounted in a “hexagonal concrete pit with a range of 22 kilometres.”

In total, the slice of history is expected to sell for £40,000.

Bell & Co estate agents, who are selling the plot on the south-west of the island, said it provides a chance to see what D-Day felt like from the German perspective. They also boast of the “superb open sea views to the west and south”.

Nazi forces took over the island on June 1940, but the occupiers ended up trapped after D-Day. The agency’s website explains how the site “exemplifies the massive offensive works carried out by the Germans during their occupation of Alderney during World War 2.”

It added that the site has “just been extensively cleared”, which revealed even more bunkers, “interconnected by open trenches”. Work has also taken place at “the brick kiln, a generator bunker, ammunition shelters and personnel shelters.”

The website adds: “Below the gun pit are the former shell hoists and ring-shaped passages. Adjacent to these gun pits are personnel shelters that housed 24 men and 3 officers.”

Alderney was given the name ‘Festung’ (Fortress) Alderney, as it became heavily fortified by the Nazis, and was the site of slave labour camps during the war.

Bell & Co’s managing director Andrew Eggleston said potential buyers had already expressed their interest.

He added that he hopes whoever buys it will keep it open to the public to explore, as it has been for years.

He said: “It would be a terrible shame if someone were to buy it and then start padlocking it. [The current owners have] done so much work to it, it’s quite amazing.”

The land will be sold by sealed bid, with the deadline set for December 9. It is thought that it will sell for somewhere in the region of £40,000.

A spokesperson for Bell & Co said: “This is an incredible opportunity to offer seven acres of living history dating back to the second World War. The land is on the south west corner of Alderney (3.5 square miles with a population of 2,100) with superb open sea views to the west and south.”

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