Neighbour row ends in bloodshed after angry man comes out of home swinging axe

A dispute between two neighbours reached boiling point after one of the neighbours emerged from his house wielding an axe following a verbal row.

The confrontation ended in bloodshed when a man was struck on the arm at a residence in Scotland.

Inverness Sheriff Court heard how Philip Gallagher, 51, allegedly caused a small cut on the arm of one of his neighbours on January 26.

The court heard how the incident unfolded at around 7.15pm earlier this year in the Black Isle.

Robert Weir, fiscal depute, told Sheriff Sara Matheson how the incident began when the occupants of one house went outside to take the bins out and have a cigarette.

He said: “It was about 7.15pm on January 26 this year when the occupants of number 45 went outside to move a bin and have a cigarette.”

Mr Weir added that Mr Gallagher was also outside at the time.

He said that after an exchange of words, Mr Gallagher allegedly went back inside to fetch an axe and then began swinging it when he returned.

Mr Weir explained: “The accused was also outside and a verbal altercation ensued.

“Then he (Gallagher) went into his house and came out with an axe. He was swinging it around and it struck his neighbour’s arm. The axe was wrestled from the accused and police were called.”

Defence solicitor Rory Gowans told the court there was no background. He said: “There is no background here.”

Mr Gowans asked Sheriffic Matheson to get a background report to obtain the full picture.

The sentencing of Mr Gallagher has been deferred until September 7.

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