New Brexit 50p coins ordered for latest departure date

A fresh commemorative Brexit 50p coin is to be made after an earlier batch had to be melted down because of the UK’s delayed departure from the EU.

Following a meeting of royal advisers known as the Privy Council this week, the Queen has ordered the minting of the new “gold, silver and cupro-nickel coins” featuring the updated exit deadline of 31 January.

They will feature the phrase: “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations.”

Around a million of the special coins to mark the previous Brexit day of 31 October had to be “recycled” after Boris Johnson was forced to seek an extension by parliament.

The government refused to say how much it cost to produce the defunct currency, saying it was “commercially sensitive”.

It also emerged that a thousand trial coins were struck to mark the first exit date of 29 March, subsequently missed by Theresa May.

Former chancellor Philip Hammond had originally planned a limited edition of about 10,000 commemorative coins to be sold to collectors for £10 each.

But his successor Sajid Javid pressed for a much greater circulation, portrayed at the time as a statement of intent that the Treasury was fully behind Brexit.

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