New 'cat killer' poisons 13 pets with antifreeze in just one town

A mystery animal hater has been blamed for the deaths of 13 cats from suspected antifreeze poisoning.

Leanne Shaw, 34, issued a desperate plea for information when her three-year-old cat Binx died unexpectedly.

She claimed several other owners contacted her saying their cats had also been poisoned by antifreeze in a small part of Flint, north Wales.

Leanne found Binx lying in pain next to a path and rushed him to see a vet, but he could not be saved. A post mortem confirmed he died of antifreeze poisoning.

Her suspicions were first raised when two other cats died unexpectedly in the neighbourhood before Binx.

She said: ‘We found it a bit suspicious that two cats died from the same thing. I mean one cat could have been an accident but for two cats to die of the same thing a month apart got us all thinking.

‘I started worrying about my cats then. I have three of them so I called them all for their tea but only two came back that evening.’

Leanne began searching for Binx before she heard a meow coming from a nearby path.

She said: ‘I called his name near the top of the path and heard him cry. I instantly knew it was him and he wasn’t okay, the meow was awful and painful.

‘As I made my way through the thorns and nettles I saw him lying on his side, his fur soaking wet, covered in leaves, mud and sticks.

‘As I carried him home he sounded in so much pain, he had chemical burns to his mouth and he kept having seizures with random bouts of what can only be described as him hallucinating.

‘He would look at me all calm and still then suddenly his eyes went huge, his claws came out and he looked terrified.

Leanne said her two children, aged five and eight, were left heartbroken after seeing Binx in ‘extreme pain.’

She said: ‘I have been private messaged by at least five people whose cats were also poisoned with antifreeze in the area.

‘As well as those who commented on my post, 13 cats have died from antifreeze in this very small area of Flint.

A North Wales Police spokesperson said: ‘At around 11pm on Thursday, September 22, we received a report that a cat is suspected to have been poisoned on Coed Onn Road, Flint.

‘Officers are looking into the reports and ask anyone with information that could assist with enquiries to contact officers on 101.’

An RSPCA spokesperson added: ‘These are extremely sad and upsetting incidents and we extend our sympathies to the owners of the cats who have lost their lives and urge pet owners in the local area to be vigilant.

‘At this stage we don’t know if these were accidental incidents or deliberate but in the meantime we would ask everyone in the area to check where they keep their pesticides and chemicals and make sure they are secure and out of the way.’

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