NHS slammed for handing out rape alarms for International Women’s Day

A hospital has been slammed for handing out rape alarms in celebration of International Women’s Day on Wednesday. The NHS hospital – which has not been named – reportedly handed out the items in the canteen to female staff. Writer Jamie Klinger shared an image of the rape alarm on Twitter, alongside the caption: “Drumroll please. We have a winner for the worst way to ‘celebrate’ IWD. An NHS Hospital is giving out rape alarms in the staff canteen to celebrate #InternationalWomenDay2023.”

One user responded: “Please tell me this is a joke?”

While another said: “Would like to know the Trust in order to avoid them! Disgraceful.”

A third asked: “Who thought this was a good idea?”

With a fourth adding: “Sign of a broken society if women NEED to carry these around a hospital.”

It comes as a police branch was blasted for holding “self-defence” classes for womens in celebration of International Women’s Day.

North Wales Police offered a series of classes to women at Holyhead Leisure Centre to learn “self-defence tactics”.

North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin said: “I am pleased to see the funding we have received from Safer Streets go towards practical sessions to help women feel safer in the community.

“It has been my aim since I was elected as PCC to ensure that the residents of North Wales are safe and I’m pleased, with today being International Women’s Day, that we are putting measures in place to keep women safe in Holyhead and elsewhere across the region.”

But some felt the sessions were “misguided” with International Women’s Day aimed at “celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women”.

One person commented: “I’m sure the intentions were good here – but I’m surprised that NWP, with a new female Chief Constable, didn’t see that the optics wouldn’t be great on IWD. NWP do lots of great work – especially with schools – but this was a very ill-advised day for this PR. Also for the MP.”

Another said: “This is as bad as one NHS trust giving out rape alarms to celebrate IWD.”

While a third added: “Would it not be better to teach men and boys respect for women and girls, to not objectify them, to not taunt them to mark International Women’s Day?”

The NHS has been contacted for comment.

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