NHS worker slams commuters for wearing 'useless' gloves

An NHS worker has criticised people for using public transport while wearing medical gloves.

They took a number of pictures of people on a London Overground train wearing disposable plastic gloves, and called it ‘really counterproductive’.

Many people have been wearing gloves in public thinking it will help stop them from contracting coronavirus.

The NHS worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, wrote: ‘Just taken all these pictures on my Overground train… Please stop wearing medical gloves to go out in!

‘It’s not doing anything to protect you, it’s really gross, and it’s really counterproductive. When we wear gloves in a hospital we literally wear them ONCE for one patient interaction or procedure then throw them away.

‘We don’t wear one gross sweaty pair all day and touch the patient then our phone then our face then the door handle, etc.

‘When you wear the gloves, they become your skin, and can transmit anything like a dirty hand will – hence throwing them away after one use.

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‘I particularly applaud the lady wearing one glove half off so she could use her phone… just throw them away and wash your hands regularly!’

The NHS worker is not the only medical employee to take to the internet to slam people for ‘pointlessly’ wearing gloves out in public.

A doctor used TikTok to explain why you should not wear gloves to protect you from coronavirus at the supermarket.

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Dr Karan Rangarajan, who works as an NHS surgeon, explained why wearing gloves instead of regularly washing your hands could put you at greater risk.

‘You’ve got your gloves, you’re at the supermarket, you’re touching things – there you go… germs,’ he said in his video.

‘You keep touching more things throughout same day with these same gloves, germs everywhere. You’re accumulating germs.

‘Your glove is now more full of germs than your hand would’ve been if you washed each time.

‘Remember, with these same gloves you’ll be touching your steering wheel, you might accidentally touch your face, transferring the germs to yourself.

‘And then when your’re changing the gloves you might actually be touching the glove itself.

‘Just wash your hands, be sensible, stay safe.’

A nurse has used paint to show how easy it is to spread germs around – even if you wear gloves.

Molly Lixey made the video after a trip to the supermarket alerted her to the cross-contamination which can take place.

The former emergency room nurse, from Michigan, said in the video: ‘I’m seeing a lot of people out in public wearing gloves right now – that’s great. If you want to wear gloves, that’s all fine and well, you absolutely can.

‘But I want to remind you of a little thing called cross-contamination.’

She then runs through a typical example of someone going to the shops, touching things and then transferring bacteria around by using their phone, purse, driving, and so on.

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