Nicola Bulley’s friends urge police to search in abandoned house

Nicola Bulley’s friend says they ‘need some answers’

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A close family friend of Nicola Bulley, Tilly Ann, has urged the police to launch a search of an abandoned house and outbuilding close to the river where the 45-year-old vanished. She took to Facebook to share her concerns that the area has not been checked yet.

She wrote: “The abandoned house and outbuildings etc have not yet been searched as it is not currently a crime investigation!!!!!! (This should have been done straight away!).”

This comes after the specialist dive team pulled out and Peter Faulding, from Specialist Group International, said Bulley was “categorically not” in the area of river where police believe she fell in.

Police have been stumped as they shared their working hypothesis yesterday that it was still a “possibility” Nicola Bulley left the area by a path not covered by CCTV which is near the main road going through the village.

Lancashire Police officers are working on tracing dashcam footage from 700 drivers who passed along the road when Bulley disappeared, roughly at 9.20am.

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Ms Bulley was last seen walking her dog by the river in St Michael’s on Wyre in Lancashire on Friday January 27.

The search has now been extended as far as Knott End and Morecambe Bay.

Mr Faulding, who was called in by the family to help with the search, said: “We’ve done very thorough searches all the way down to the weir.

“Police divers have dived it three times, extremely thoroughly.

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“That area is completely negative – there is no sign of Nicola in that area.

“The main focus will be the police investigation down the river, which leads out to the estuary.”

He added: “If Nicola was in that river I would have found her – I guarantee you that – and she’s not in that section of the river.”

He went on to tell the media on Wednesday that he felt his team had “done all they can”, before describing the case as “baffling”.

He said he could not understand why the 45-year-old was not found on the first day she went missing and added: “Wherever she is I hope closure comes soon.”

Bulley had just dropped her daughters, aged six and nine, off at school before setting off for a walk with her dog Willow along the path by the River Wyre.

She vanished shortly after with her phone found still connected to a Microsoft Teams call on a bench by the riverbank and her dog running loose nearby.

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