Nicola Sturgeon accused of terrifying children with ‘horrifying’ Scottish COVID-19 advert

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has released an advert depicting a young person infecting their grandfather with coronavirus. This has sparked a debate as some have argued the imagery used in the advert is too alarming and sparks fear. A green sludge was used to visually show the spread of the disease in a kitchen as a young woman makes tea for her granddad.

While on Sky News, consultant forensic psychologist Keri Nixon condemned the advert and insisted it was horrifying and would terrify children.

Ms Nixon said: “I was quite frankly horrified when I saw that advert.

“The music and message of don’t infect your grandparents, there will be children watching that who will be absolutely terrified at touching their grandparents.

“Just imagine if a child had a grandparent who they were hugging and then a few days later that grandparent died.

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“Whether that is COVID-19-related illness or not, they will live with that forever.”

Ms Nixon then argued ways the Scottish Government could have made an advert that still showcased the importance of protecting against coronavirus without using fear.

She said: “I think if you are going to have an advert to educate the public you could do it in a positive way.

“You could use the green slime and have a child washing it off of their hands.

“It is about education not terrifying the nation.” 

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