Nicola Sturgeon rattled in brutal COVID-19 grilling as SNP leader’s OWN words read to her

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Nicola Sturgeon announced 146 new cases of coronavirus in Scotland as 256 people are in hospital with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, an increase of 12 in 24 hours. ITV Border’s Peter Macmahon asked: “In a statement on July 31, you said that decisions you were taken were all informed by your clear strategic objective which is to eliminate COVID and you also said, you still think we have the virus under control.

“Do you think the recent figures are a setback to the elimination strategy and do you think you still have the virus under control?”

Ms Sturgeon said: “Any increase in an infectious virus is obviously not a good thing so I think that’s a bit of an obvious answer to an obvious question.

“I still think it is under control but clearly it is rising again.

“The point I have to continue to stress to people is this virus doesn’t stay under control of its own accord.

“It’s a virus. It seeks to transmit from person to person so we have to act to keep it under control.”

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