Nicola Sturgeon savaged over ‘illiberal’ vaccine passports ‘Makes no logical sense!’

Sturgeon slammed by campaigner over 'illiberal' vaccine passports

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Anti-passport campaigner Alan Miller has slammed Scotland’s vaccine passport scheme, calling it “completely wrong” and makes “no logical sense”. Nicola Sturgeon’s vaccine passport scheme become enforceable by law on Monday, requiring people to show double-vaccination status upon entering large events. 

Speaking on TalkRadio, Mr Miller said: “We now know that when people talk about cases going up, we know they’re much younger people.

“And we know that, thankfully, what that means in terms of the hospital, and people in there that people are dying very different situation now.

“As Mr Witty has said before, we should treat it like the flu.

“This whole situation with vaccine passports, is completely wrong.”

He continued: “It makes no logical sense because you can have the vaccine and then you can actually transmit it.

“You could be unvaccinated but have had it, and then have immunity.

“It is completely illiberal 

“It’s very draconianthe idea that you have to show me your most intimate details to a security guard or someone asking that.

He went on: “But also, we have a situation now where, you know, just for the point of view of business hospitality. 

It’s the third biggest sector in the whole of the UK now if you include all areas of hospitality night and day.

“And a huge employer, 6% of GDP, we’ve lost loss throughout the lockdown the policy of lockdown the response to the pandemic. 

And now we have a situation where these additional measures impose those logistical concerns.

Mr Miller added: “They’re really problematic for everyone from a democratic point of view, and it’s going to create even more problems from a cost point of view.”

Proof of full vaccination is required to enter nightclubs and big events to limit the spread of coronavirus.

People can use either a paper copy of their status or the new app.

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